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    Kioxia KCD61LUL7T68 CD6-R Firmware udpate?

    Hi does anybody got firmware update for this ssd I just got couple with firmware 8001 and 8003.The 03 one throw some nvme errors once a while thats why I was looking for some update ofc no firmware downlaod on manufacture website.If anybody know where I could get update I would be gratefull.
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    ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T nvidia vgrid issue P100 and A5000

    Hi Guys I just received 2 gpus to play with 1 p100 16gb and Qaudro A5000 24gb .Before them 2 i was using 3 p4 gpus withouth any issues.Now when I put them 2 and change A5000 to displayless mode I can see all vgpu profiles for both of them to choose but I got problem with both nvidia-smi in esxi...
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    vSphere 7 Update 3 PSOD with Epic Milan 7443p and Asrock ROMED8-2T

    Hi Guys yesterday I tried to update my esxi host from VMware ESXi, 7.0.2, 18538813 to ESXi-7.0U3-18644231-standard via ssh metod like i always do.After restart I got PSOD visible on Attached photo from this link Untitled .I tried update it twice and everytime I got the same issue after restart...
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    Ashrock ROMED8-2T with 7443p faulty?

    Hi I was using ROMED8-2T with my Epyc 7443P for about a month with 3.2 bios.Everything was working ok till now when I reboot I cant pass 6A postcode on screen its stuck on DXE -- NorthBridge Initialization 6A.I play with swaping ram I got 6x 32gb 3200mhz Samsung rdimm ecc, reset bios reflash...
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    Chelsio T580-LP-CR cabling question

    Hi Guys i bought 2 Chelsio T580-LP-CR for my vmware server and freenas.I want to connect them both directly Im very confused with cabling tho is this cable (or any cheap that will do the job) will work ok with 2 of them connected directly or i need to get...
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    Standard question is my sas hdd dying?:D

    Hi guys i just connect my hdd that i only use as backup data sometimes from my server and after copy 12 tb data on it the smart show me some errors and growing list 2 days ago since then no more show up can someone can tell me if its ok if it wont grow any further or i should replace this hdd?I...
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    Memory Mixing on AMD epyc ok?

    Hi Guys I got Asrock romed8-2t with AMD Epyc 7502P and I put already 5x 32gb Samsung M393A4K40DB3-CWE But because I coudnt get another 3 I was thinking to get 3x 32gb Hynix HMAA4GR7AJR8N-XN.My question is they will work ok together not lower performace or create any issues as both got the same...
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    Amd Epyc 7551 low boost clocks in esxi

    Hi I just put together server with Amd 7551 Epyc cpu and Asrock romed8-2t mobo + 4x 8gb M393A1G40EB1-CPB 2133P (just for tests i will get better memory later).My issue this cpu model should boost to 3Ghz for up to 12 cores and 2.550 for all but for me its always max 2550 doesnt matter its 1 or...
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    OCuLink cable issue with Supermicro MBD-X11SDV-12C-TLN2F-O

    Hi I bought new mobo Supermicro MBD-X11SDV-12C-TLN2F-O and I wanna use it with lsi 9400 and Intel optane connected via OCuLink to U.2.The issue i got that when Iinstall LSI controller there is no room to Use my OcuLink to u.2 cable(its CBL-SAST-0956) the card just cover oculink slot and there...
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    SFP+ Question

    HI I just bought this mobo ASRock Rack > D2143D8UM and i need to choose mezzazine card 10GB copper or /sfp + ( ...
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    New Supermicro Supermicro H11DSI-NT Amd Epyc DOA?

    Hi I just received brand new mobo straight from eu supermicro Supermicro H11DSI-NT I pair with 8x 2667mhz 32GB MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G6D1Q1 And 2 x Amd Epyc 7451 and 2 psu I got evga 1000G2 or seasonic 600W Gold It wont boot nothing on the screen no beeps or anything just fans spinning ( In ipmi...
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    Vmware radeon pro duo 32GB for VDI?

    Question as in topic it and will work well for 1 rdsh windows server and one as standalone machine and it will get hardware h265 in horizon?
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    AMD Epyc 7451 Memory population question

    Hi I just ordered 2 Epyc 7451 and SuperMicro H11DSi-NT for it my question as I got 8x32GB 2133Mhz samsung ecc reg can I put another 8x8gb to populate full 8 channels or they need to be same size ?If not they will be and downsides use 8 gb with 32 gb mems?
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    Raid 0 Slow Read Writes are ok...-

    Hi my hardware is Freenas 11.2 ASRock Rack D1540D4U-2T8R with lsi 3008 flashed to it newest firmware 64 DDR 4 2133 ECC 7x 12TB HGST Sas HDD HUH721212AL5200 (512e) 6 of them in raid 10 got scores of DD tests Write dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile bs=4M count=15000 15000+0 records in 15000+0 records...
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    Amd s7150x2 Blue screen Issues

    Hi I just got AMD s7150X2 to my home lab and on vmware I got bsod after install drivers with script(after reboot when i install drivers)i attached pcs with bsod.When I tried to passthrough to vms its see it in device manager but when I install drivers for it vm freeze.I even try install windows...
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    Samsung 1715 Pcie nvme 1.6tb questions

    Hi all i just bought couple Samsung 1.6TB SM1715 NVMe and I got couple question if anyone know if they will work with freenas and there is any tools for vmware/windows that i cant mannage them , read smart data as i coudnt find it anywhere.