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    Supermicro ConnectX-3 AOC-CIBF-m1 in Proxmox

    I've got a ConnectX-3 AOC-CIBF-m1 card. When running Windows, the card shows up, and I'm able to switch to Ethernet mode and get connected. Under Proxmox, I can't seem to get the card to show up. I'm using...
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    Mellanox SN2100 firmware

    I'm looking for latest firmware for homelab. Anyone got any pointers?
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    WTB: Chelsio T62100-LP-CR low-profile-bracket only

    In the US. I have a T62100-LP-CR. Looking for the low-profile bracket (only) for this card. Anyone got one, or know where I can find one?
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    Ruckus Unleashed R750 (NEW) US$750 9U1-R750-US00 US$750 + tax + ship. I don't see better public pricing anywhere else. Used units on eBay are going for more than this. Edit: I should add that I bought one at this price earlier, and it just arrived today. So...
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    Brocade ICX7400-1X40GQ vs ICX7000-1X40GQ

    What's the difference between a ICX7400-1X40GQ vs. ICX7000-1X40GQ? Will both work in an ICX7450 switch?
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    Brocade ICX-6610 with Bell Canada Fibe FTTH

    I have no idea what I'm doing with this Brocade switch. (My "Cisco" SG500X refuses to handshake with the ISP provided ONT.) With FTTH, Bell provides an SFP ONT and requires PPPoE to connect, on VLAN 35. Yes, you CAN bypass the HomeHub 3000!! - Bell Canada | DSLReports Forums On the Brocade, I...
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    FS: Xeon Silver 4110 Scalable CPU (HPE DL380 Gen10 4110 Xeon-S Kit. Product 826846-B21) $430 + ship

    HPE DL380 Gen10 Intel Xeon Scalable Silver 4110 Kit Product 826846-B21 US$430 + ship Prefer to ship within US only. Paypal gift please. Picked it up a few weeks ago, decided to go with a different CPU. So this is new in box, OEM seals intact. Selling at cost.
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    Firmware woes with Cisco SG500X-24P

    I'm trying to update an old SG500X-24P that's running I've factory reset the switch, removed it from the stack, etc., etc. I upgraded the bootcode to the oldest available but I'm unable to switch to the (oldest available), let alone the recommended from the...
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    BPN-SAS3-826A-N4 and cables

    I picked up a Supermicro chassis with this backplane: BPN-SAS3-826A-N4. It has 3 miniSAS HD (SFF-8643) connectors on it. Anyone had any experience with this in a system? Specifically: a) I have a Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2E4 which handles an Intel NVMe SSD fine independently of the chassis. Can I...
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    Lenovo rebrand Intel S3700 100GB - CAD$135 + $10 ship - CANADA

    Not bad if you're in Canada. NEW Intel S3700 100GB 2.5 SATA3 Solid State Drive SSD SSDSC2BA100G301 4XB0F28636
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    FS: Used Adaptec SATA/SAS 5805, 6805, 71605 hardware SATA/SAS RAID adapters w/BBU or ZMCP, free ship

    All are working pull from servers. Free ship via USPS within US only. Prefer Paypal. These are full hardware RAID cards, not HBAs. 1xAdaptec ASR-5805/512MB 8-Port PCI-e 3Gbps SAS RAID Controller w/BBU ASR-5805 / 2244100-R No cables, only full height bracket. BBU mounted on board. Adaptec by PMC...