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    NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano Launched Cheaper Arm and Ampere

    I noticed on the Auvidea site in their shop the Quad carrier Xavier board now states Orin NX compatibility Link This could possibly suggest that other dev boards that are Xavier NX and nano compatible may also be compatible with the Orin Nano and NX - The Seeed Studio Mate board would make an...
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    MaxLinear Panther III is a Fake DPU at FMS 2022

    Unbelievably they won an award : MaxLinear Panther III Receives Flash Memory Summit 2022 Most Innovative Flash Memory Enterprise Business Application Makes a mockery of the whole award process
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    AMD Ryzen 7000 and Zen 4 Launch

    So the competition between Intel and AMD is heating up which is mirrored both by the increase in chip pricing and the ever increasing power envelope - I think idle and low load power consumption is going to be an increasingly important metric in processor selection moving forward. Andrew
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    Intel QuickAssist Adapter Thread

    I just happened to be looking at the Netgate site today - perhaps I could sense an impending Netgate article creating a disturbance in the force - anyways I noticed that Netgate has the "Netgate CPIC-8955 Cryptographic Accelerator Card with QAT" the link to their shop page with the details is...
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    Intel QuickAssist Adapter Thread

    Silicom have 6 models of Intel based adapters Silicom plus I was looking at 2 lines from the previous generation thePE3ISCO and the PE2ISCO Advantech currently have 2 Intel based cards Advantech Andrew
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    Elpida Memory Part Number Decode

    I think the "L" stands for Load reduced ECC and "B" stands for 1.5v plus according to this Intel document (Link) it has a Density per Die of 4Gb and x4 width so those may either correspond to the two digits "67" or the 4Gb die density to the "J" Andrew
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    QSFP28 100G to differents speeds like 40Gb

    Do you need something more capable and with more 100G ports than the FS S8550-6Q2c. Andrew
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    [WTB] HP Z620 side panel key

    If they are the ones with the hollow circular key then I remember that in days of old you used to be able to open them with the non-writing end of a BIC-biro pen - maybe by the time of the new fangled HP-Z620 they had got round to updating security
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    Compute Express Link CXL 3.0 is the Exciting Building Block for Disaggregation

    Perhaps we can get some of those old fashioned CXL 2 memory modules from SK Hynix, Micron and Samsung filtering down into the home lab space now /s
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    Next-Gen Supermicro SSG-121P-NES24R 1U 24-bay NVMe at FMS 2022

    I'm trying to figure out why the video defaults to Portuguese subtitles for me
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    Solidigm D7-P5520 7.68TB PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD Review on x86 Arm and Power9

    I thought that was talked about in the article plus the importance that Solidigm rectify this before PCIe Gen5 makes it into the mainstream.
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    Where to buy Ampere Altra CPUs?

    The cheapest barebones I have seen has been for a Gigabyte E252-P30 (CTO option) with the lowest spec Ampere Altra Q32-17 Processor and 8GB RAM with no storage at £4k in the UK and around $4.6k in the US - I've also kept an eye out for the old ThunderX2 motherboards as ThunderX2 procs are...
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    Arctic P8 or other consumer fan for 2U Supermicro chassis?

    Numbers : Artic F8's push quite a bit more air (31 CFM/ 52.7 m³/h) than P8's (23.4 CFM / 40.3 m³/h) and for comparison the Noctua NF-A8 PWM pushes (32 CFM / 55.5 m³/h ) but these are all way off the SM FAN-0094L4 (90.3 CFM/153.4 m³/h) However : as Markess pointed out these cases were specified...
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    Kioxia CM7 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD Launches with Incredible Speeds

    I would love for the NVMEoF version to become the standard - then local storage will be seen as a very 20th century peculiarity.
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    Best bang-for-the-back used 48-port POE switch with 10GbE SFP+ ports

    All the Brocade information is included in fohdeesha's definitive thread
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    Mikrotik S+rj10 issues

    What type and length of cable are you using and have you tried using a different cable. It appears that they do not support manual link speed setting and must be set to auto-negotiate but as you say everything looks as though it is seeing an SFP module not SFP+.
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    Computer keeps turning on, randomly

    It could possibly be the result of harmonics generated within your home by switching devices such as water pumps, refrigerators or some kinds of fluorescent lighting - can be tricky to determine one way or another without the use of an oscilloscope
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    Google Cloud Adds Ampere Altra with new Tau T2A Instances

    I hope the more widespread adoption by all the usual suspects of the latest generation of Arm processors helps to drive a few more items like motherboards for Cavium ThunderX2 procs into the Home Lab market - I see the processors on ebay quite regularly but the motherboards are unobtanium - a...
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    HPE Pensando DSP DSC-25 in a Supermicro server - compatability

    I am not adept at the dark arts of HPE and Dell servers and their branded cards so was wondering if there is any reason why the Pensando card would have any incpmpatibilities if placed in a Supermicro based server ? More generally are there any limitations from HPE and Dell cards working in...
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    CPU AMD 7F32 can not Run alone (Main H12DSU-iN)

    No - I mean do you have a motherboard with only a single processor slot - so you can test each CPU individually and see if they individually POST - rules out any complications from 2 CPUs and their memory support. Andrew