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    Comparison: 512e versus 4kn

    I heard quite often that it doesn't matter and even that 4kn is faster or that 512e comes with "a performance hit". However, I have yet to see any direct comparisons with tools and parameters I trust (such as fio), so I decided to run my own. I will try to keep this concise :). Obligatory...
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    HUGO for Linux

    Can anyone help me with a download for HUGO for Linux (RHEL/CentOS)? I have the Windows version but that would require I install some trial of Windows first, or remove a pile of disks from my server, attach them one at a time to my Windows machine. Thanks in advance!
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    Help getting M1015 / LSI SAS2008 to work on Red Hat 8

    Hey all, I am trying to get my old trusty M1015 to work in Red Hat 8. As you may not be aware, Red Hat in their infinite wisdom removed support for LSI SAS2008/2108/2116 and other controllers and they have since been included in The controller is in IT mode without a BIOS. I...
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    Local storage options for ESXi

    Currently I am running a home server with an Asus Z11PA-U12/10G-2S. It has 8 disks connected to the onboard SATA controller. I also have an old IBM M1015 lying around. The server is running Red Hat 8.4 with ZFS and RHV virtualiation. ZFS is configured with 4 pairs of mirrors. I don't boot from...
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    DIY tower 10-core Xeon for ZFS storage and KVM

    Build’s Name: Paradise Operating System/ Storage Platform: Fedora 33 Server built up from minimal install to keep it lean and clean CPU: Xeon Silver 4210R / 10-cores with HT (20 threads) Motherboard: Asus Z11PA-U12/10G-2S Chassis: Antec P100 (yes its old but top notch cooling and quiet) Drives...
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    Lots of trouble with Z11PA-U12-10G-2S + 4210R

    So I built me a home server for running VM's and storage for backups. I considered going for a Dell T440 but it got too expensive quickly once you start adding things. So I dicided to build my own (something I've done plenty before). Asus Z11PA-U12-10G-2S Intel Xeon Silver 4210R 6x Kingston...