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    Onboard LSI3008 -- External HBA -- Storage on 2 Systems?

    ASRock D-1541_2T8R, wish it was 208R. Have an optiplex sff i5-11500. I wish to eventually have 2x Rosewill 4500U 15 bay 4u rackmount chassis. I wish for the i5-11500 to be transcoding the plex pool in it's rosewill chassis. My asrock D-1541 has onboard LSI3008, do I just need like an HP 24...

    EDIT*** Questions Re: Onboard LSI3008 and HBA's

    ***massive edit**** Hello all I have done research and here I am... I have ASRock D1541DU_2T8R, wish it was _208R but the board came with a bunch of free ram and shipping for a few bucks north of $200. It was a steal IMO. I have an optiplex 7090 w/ 16GB RAM and i5-11500. Unless I am mistaken...