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    Cisco C220 M4 - CIMC Firmware Flash Error

    So first off, let me fully admit that I screwed up here! I was flashing the CIMC firmware on a new C220 M4 I picked up, without any UPS connected, and the power went out for 2 seconds, killing the server right in the middle of the firmware flash. Cisco seems to think that flashing a single...
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    Processor Choice: E5-2660v2 or E5-2689

    If you had to pick between these two processors (E5-2660v2 or E5-2689), which one would you likely go with and why? I'm currently leaning toward the 2660v2, but the benchmarks I've seen online seem to be about even. Planning to use it in a Proxmox server running several linux instances...
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    S2600GL vs HP DL360p Motherboards

    I have mostly been using HP G8 based systems throughout my vast 4 month experience (DL360p, DL360e, DL560), and an older Supermicro 8X based system. Now I have come across a S2600GL based system which from what I have researched is a generic Intel motherboard you'll typically find in some...
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    Strange item on this HP motherboard

    I have had several ProLiant server, but never seen this on one of them. It appears to be a little module, and with some searching around I think it is a HP Trusted Platform Module. From what I've read, these seem to be related to secure printing of some sort. Anyone know if this is truly...
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    How do you avoid Lightning damage?

    What have you guys done to help avoid lightning damage? Currently I have all this fancy equipment and it's all conveniently networked together. One step I have taken is create a backup and keep that stored on a shelf on the opposite side of my basement. Other than that, I haven't done...
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    ICX switch with jumbo frames - management port failure

    So I enabled jumbo frames, and all is well. I enable jumbo frames on my pc and now I cannot access the management port on the two ICX switches I have just setup. Do I need to somehow enable jumbo frames on the management port as well? I just switched back to 1500 MTU and the management web...
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    ICX 6450 and 6610 - excellent switches!

    Have been setting up my 6450 and 6610 switches that are replacing some very limited or aged equipment on my rack. The old POE switch maxed out at 100mb, so finally moving over to full 1gb is great. Beyond the obvious points of more ports and speed, I am extremely impressed with the...
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    Brocade ICX6610 - Do I need 2 PSUs/Fans?

    The ICX6610 just arrived, so will be looking to perform the network upgrade this week. I got a little cheap and didn't realize the one I picked up only had one PSU and one fan unit. It is a 48 port POE model, but I likely will not use the POE as I plan to run my cameras off an ICX6450 that...
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    What cables work with WTI tsm-24 console server?

    I have a console server made by WTI model: tsm-24. It is an RJ45 console server, but it did not come with any cables. Anyone know if all rj45 to db9 cables are the same or does this take something special? Thanks!!