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    Help! Supermicro case shutting self off after a few minutes

    I had the same issue. Turns out one of my PSU fans was not spinning. So it would power the unit for a while (2-3mins) before overheating and shutting off, and not want to turn back on. After cooling the unit for a while it would turn back on for a further 2-3mins. I have quite a few PSUs to...
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    EMC SSDs usable in normal systems?

    I would assume not. Alot of EMC gear has a 520 byte sector count. All the chassis'sI have seen and the drives are configured this way. I have only been able to remove the SATA drives from the FC trays. The imposer must do the sector change.
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    ATX motherboard in Supermicro WB/UB chassis?

    I would say no. There is no IO plate on the back. Its a custom set of IO headers.
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    What kind of problems? Im not able to get a link on the 10Gb ports. Either looped to each other or to a 1Gb switch. I have tried the ESXi vib 4.1.1. I also tried Windows 2012R2. Also Ubuntu 15.10 with 4.0.1k and I compiled the latest driver 4.1.5 I have only noticed that in Ubuntu it seems to...
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    Intel Xeon D-1500 Series Discussion

    Hi, I just bought the SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SDV-4C-TLN2F-O. I have found that I can not get the 10Gb ports to work. I assume you can use these as 1Gb ports. Do these ports work if you loopback these ports to each other. I don't have a 10gbbase-t switch yet. I have tried Windows server 2012 and...