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    Question for Gigabyte MZ72-HB0 and EPYC 7003 users

    Can some user of MZ72-HB0 motherboard verify that this motherboard is not disabling Virtual Interrupt Controller (ie. avic) feature of an EPYC 7003 CPU? Turns out that the Supermicro H12DSi-N6 which I am using now is disabling this feature (...
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    Supermicro H12DSI-N6 + EPYC Milan 7413 - no Virtual Interrupt Controller (avic)??

    Hi, I just upgraded my home server for hosting virtual machines from Ivy-Bridge Xeons to EPYC Milan and, bad surprise, I find there is no Virtual Interrupt Controller (in AMD that's AVIC, in Intel it was APICv). Without AVIC , the interrupt latency is too awful for anything sound related. Anyone...
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    performance of KVM/QEMU disks on ZFS volumes

    Apologies if this question does not below to this forum. I am running a small number of Windows 10 guests on libvirt-2.5 + qemu-2.7 + linux-4.8 with ZFS . Disks of the guests are setup on ZFS zvols , for example disk C: of guest "lublin" ... <disk type='block' device='disk'>...