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    SAS 9300-8i IT mode

    Hi All, I own a SAS 9300-8i card from Broadcom Are there any clear instructions on how to flash it to IT mode? Thanks
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    Install additional RAID Controller for TrueNas Dell R720

    Hi, I already have a built-in H310 mini controller that came with the Dell R720 server. It was flashed in IT mode and working as expected. Now I wish to install TrueNas VM using proxmox and I can't pass this as is because I have my SSDs connected to it as well which form the ZFS pool for VMs...
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    drives disappeared after reboot dell r720

    Hi All, I am running proxmox and got new HGST SAS drives. When I installed them (hot swap), they appeared in the disks. I then rebooted and everything disappeared. I have H310 mini in IT mode. Anyone has any idea what to do next? Cheers,
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    Do I need to upgrade PSU from 750W to 1100W in Dell R720

    Hi All, I recently bought a dell R720 with a single 750W PSU. It came with a DVD and 6 spinning drives and 96 GB RAM. I then replaced the DVD with an SSD (Using SSD caddy) and ordered: 1. A pair of Intel XEOM E5-2650 v2 processors 2. 16GB DDR3 PC3 ECC RAM x 4 (Total RAM would be 64 + 96 = 160...
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    Booting off of H310 Mini Mono in IT mode

    Hi, Does any one know why wouldn't I see the Ctrl-C option at the boot just like @BLinux show here? I also have the H310 Mini Mono card and flashed it using the @fohdeesha guide. Cheers,
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    Flashing H310 Mini to HBA IT Mode

    Hi Guys! This is my very first post so pls be gentle :) I bought my first server R720 for Homelab and it came with H310 Mini card. I have been reading a lot and different people have different experience flashing it. I have been watching @BLinux excellent YouTube videos but he doesn't show any...