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    [US-NC] AMD Threadripper 3970X, MSI TRX40 Pro WiFi

    Got the board + cpu + ram combo AMD Threadripper 3970X (used, ~7 month old) MSI TRX40 Pro WiFi - (used, flashed with bios to work in headless mode) Teamgroup Dark Pro 3466 8GB x 4 sticks (used, Samsung b-die, single rank) price for the combo: $2700 Also have the following, New/sealed Samsung...
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    Mellanox connectx-3 rmda on ubuntu 20.04

    So I was trying to experiment with RDMA using the connectx-3 card and figured out they removed support for RDMA from MLNX_OFED drivers. Anyone was successful in using it?
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    Need help to setup Connectx-3 on ubuntu

    Hello everyone, I've looked into the previous threads mentioning about the firmware update and converting MCX354A-QCBT to a MCX354A-FCBT I have 2 x MCX354A-FCBT cards andNetApp X6558-R6 cable that I'm pairing two machines with. Wanted to understand what are my hw limitations and what max...