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    Xeon D-1700 vs D-2700 Ice Lake

    These both have the same architect, but core for core, it looks like the D-1700 is faster and more power efficient. For example, compare the D-1736NT and D-2733NT, where both have the same 8c/16t and 15mb cache. D-2733 uses 19% more power (at least on paper), but is 29% slower base clock. Why...
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    found my perfect HOME switch :)

    It's the QNAP QSW-M2116P-2T2S :D Let me start with the shortcomings. It costs 3x more than a good deal on popular used enterprise switches, it's only L2, and probably not as reliable. But the main selling point is that it has multigig 2.5g PoE+ and 10g PoE++ which is very hard to come by...
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    largest SSD for NAS

    I'm looking for recommendations for the largest SSD for a TrueNAS box. I do not have enough ports or pcie lanes for NVMe, so ideally SATA drives, and used enterprise ones. If all else fails, I'll pick up some Samsung 870 QVO 8TB ones.
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    ICX7750 vs 7050QX vs SX6036

    I currently have a 4 node vSAN cluster using all 4 QSFP ports on my ICX 6650 switch and need to expand. Below are the NICs I already have, and the switch I’m deciding between. How do these 3 switches compare, and which is best suited for my upgrade? (4x) MCX416A-BCAT (dual 56/50/40 gbe ports)...
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    building my own switch?

    We have another small office that only needs wifi, no other ethernet networking. I plan on purchasing this Supermicro 5019D-FN8TP, setup ESXi on it and run a pfsense VM for our firewall and IPsec VPN to connect the office to our datacenter. There will only be a single Ruckus R750 AP connected...
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    [WTB] intel 905p or p4801x SSD

    I’m building a 3 node ESXi vSAN cluster, so looking for 3 drives for the cache layer. Capacity between 380gb - 960gb. Form factor in order of preference: 1. M.2 2. pci-e 3. U.2
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    AMD Threadripper Pro destroys Epyc Milan!

    I’m looking to build a 3 node ESXi cluster with either TR Pro 3975WX paired with THIS motherboard, or Epyc 7543P paired with THIS motherboard. Spec wise, it looks like Threadripper Pro has all the features offered in Epyc Milan, except much higher performance. Are there any tangible reason why...
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    (US) WTB: intel P4510 SSD

    I'm looking for this SSD, preferably 4tb but I'll entertain any capacity 2tb and above.
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    U.2 to pci-e adapters

    I'm looking to pick up a few enterprise NVMe SSDs, but they're in U.2 form factor and I don't use any backplanes. Are there any issues if I just picked up a passive U.2 to PCI-e adapter instead of using a NVMe HBA with retimer chip? Some example I'm thinking about...
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    storage SSD faster than cache SSD make sense? (vSAN)

    I'm setting up a cluster of 2 ESXi hosts, all flash vSAN. Would it make any sense if my datastore SSDs have higher IOPS and throughput than the cache SSD? These are what I plan on getting for each host: cache SSD: Intel 375gb P4800X storage SSD: 3x 2TB Samsung 980 PRO (not launched yet)...
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    EPYC Naples (gen1) CPU on latest H12SSL SP3 motherboard work?

    My end goal is to have the current supermicro H12SSL motherboard with a EPYC Milan zen3 CPU that might launch in a few months. But I need something to hold me off until Milan is released, so is it possible to throw in a cheap zen1 CPU to this motherboard? I know that a zen2 epyc rome is...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 (RDMA) RoCE v1 or v2?

    I plan on initially having a cluster of 2 hosts running ESXi, with a ICX6610 switch as the backbone. On each host, I will be using a single 40GbE port for vSAN and vMotion traffic on separate vLANs and trunk it to a port on the switch. The LAN port will be connected to the SFP+ ports. I’m...