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    FS: Supermicro F617R2-RT+ used (Aus)

    Hi All, I'm selling my Supermicro 617R2-RT+ with 8 nodes. Price: $6,280 (AUD) Details below: 6 Nodes have Dual E5-2680 2.7GHz 8 Core CPU, 128GB RAM, 1 x 250GB HDD and 4 x 600GB HDD, Infiniband Dual 40be, Intel...
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    Sun Infiniband 36 Gateway Switch

    Hey All, We recently purchased a second hand Sun Datacentre Infiniband Gateway Switch from an old Sun Exascale 3X-2 system. We are trying to reset the credentials on the switche as they weren't done before purchase. We have seen a few threads on the forums with people asking the same thing...