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    Ultimate Home Data Center

    I doubt it. - Will the city let you operate it commercially as a DC? - Will the HOA let you operate it as a DC, once the previous tenant exited? - Is it currently zoned for what you want to do with it?
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    IBM branded STec (s840?) eMLC 400GB SAS SSDs $40/ea shipped

    View topic - IBM branded "Locked" 400GB SSD
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    Mellanox ConnectX 3 VPI (MCX354A-FCBT) HP OEM but with Mellanox OEM Firmware - 40 USD each

    Bricked other devices in the past, its worth $10 to me to not have to learn or deal with this specific procedure. Might be simple, might not. Don’t care, still worth $10 to have it flashed by someone else.