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    Canada [WTB] 400GB+ SSD for R630

    Hello, Looking for up to qty of 10 SSDs, preferably Dell branded to avoid the "incompatible" idrac error, somewhere in the 400GB-1TB range per drive. Server grade (no consumer stuff), and new or close to new TBW please. I already have the caddies, just need disks. Shipping to V3S 8E5, and I...
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    Samsung DRAM warranty?

    This might seem like a dumb question but I cannot find any info online or on Samsung's website. Do their DDR4 ECC modules have any manufacturer warranty? And if so, how do I request it?
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    Who is Samir and why does he like everything??

    I am generally in the deals/buy sell forum and I noticed that Samir clicks Like on every, single, post, in these forums. Who is he? What's his motivation? Why must he Like everything?! :eek: lol
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    SM onboard 2308 not detecting new drives

    So I've been running a 6047R-E1R36L for several months now, the onboard 2308 controller has the latest IT firmware loaded. OS is Server 2016. When I initially set it up, i had 6 drives installed (2x 10TB, 4x 12TB), everything went smoothly and has been working great in a SnapRAID/DrivePool The...
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    Supermicro X11DPL-i, Kingston 2666 only running at 2400

    So we have an X11DPL-i motherboard, with 2x Xeon 4114 CPUs installed. I installed 2x 32GB Kingston KSM26RD4 in both CPU's respective "DIMMA1" slot, as per the manual. However, when I boot it up, the IMC detects at DDR4-2400. In the BIOS I forced it from Auto to 2666, but it still shows as 2400...
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    WTB: Dell T320 & T630 Tower to Rack Conversion Kits

    Bit of a longshot, but I am looking for two different tower to rack conversion kits: one for a T320, and one for a T630. I also need the rails that would work with said conversion kit. If anyone has these, please shoot me a pm. Shipping would be to 98230 (or V3R0M2 if in Canada.)
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    WTB: 960GB (1TB) M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD, PM953 or similar

    As title states.. Looking for a 960GB PM953 M.2 PCIe x4 NVMe SSD or similar, new/lightly used, shipped to 98230. Budget is about $250 USD. Bonus if you have a PCIe x4/x8 adapter for it. Enterprise class only please, no offers for EVOs or other consumer targeted models.
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    Does this mobo support bifurcation for SSD?

    I have this motherboard: Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon® Boards | X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD In the manual, it does list bifurcation control: And in BIOS, I do see the setting for it. I thinking about getting 2x PM953 and this card: Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Accessories |...
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    Recommended SSD config for VMs?

    I'm planning to build a new-to-me server, with capacity for 10+ light duty Windows VMs on Hyper-V. It will be dual-cpu E5-2680v2 10-cores w/ 64GB RAM, so I think I'll have enough provisioning for that. My question is, what would be a good configuration for the boot drives? I'm contemplating...
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    High density DAS in 1U or 2U?

    I'm not too well versed in this arena, but I would like to expand without setting up another server. Currently I have a 2U Supermicro server with a LSI 9271-8i + RES2SV240 expander in it, maxed out with 12 SATA drives. I'd like to get an additional 1 or 2U chassis to direct connect more drives...
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    Dell T330 - SSD + HDD capable?

    Does anyone have experience with a T330 and can tell me if the motherboard supports an M.2 or PCIe SSD, or even just a regular SATA 2.5" SSD? I am trying to spec a build from Dell for an SSD boot drive and RAID10 HDD set, but they refuse to do this. I'm wondering if I can just get the RAID10...
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    Bought: Dell PERC H330 Controller or similar (for PowerEdge T130)

    Looking for an H330 for a light duty PowerEdge T130 build, with SATA breakout cables. I would be open to something equivalent that would be compatible in this server. It would be running both a RAID10 and RAID1 set. Shipping to 98230 (or Canada if you are in Canada.) EDIT: Found something...
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    (DEAD) Lenovo Tiny PC - great for HTPC - $349.99

    Found a nice gem while browsing for a client. Great specs to use as light use workstations or a full blown HTPC in and around the home. Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Core i3 (6th Gen) 8GB 128GB SSD Windows 7 - 10HY0021US | eBay They are Thinkcentre M700 Tiny PCs (VESA mountable): - i3-6100t - 8GB...
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    2012R2 in colo - slow transfer speed in one direction only?

    I have been bashing my head against the wall on this all day and can't make heads or tails of it. I've run iperf and throughput tests, ran TCP optimizations/tweaks, and yet the problem persists. 2012 R2, hosted at a colo in my town on 1Gbps symmetrical. At home, 100Mbps downstream with 2012R2...
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    Canada WD 5TB Blacks $299.99-$25, or $264.99-$25 on 2+

    WD Black 5TB Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive - 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 128MB Cache 3.5 Inch - WD5001FZWX - There is a PayPal sponsored promo on today while supplies last. If buying 2 and adding the code, works out to $257 per drive, which is $2 less than their 5TB Red drive on sale...
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    Typical RAID6 performance?

    I have installed in a Supermicro 2U 12-bay CSE-826TQ case: - Supermicro X10SLL-F mobo - Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 - 16GB ECC RAM - 2x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB (onboard RAID1, boot OS) - 10x Seagate ST6000NM0024 6TB SATA Enterprise drives, RAID6, 512KB Stripe Size - Adaptec 6805 + Intel RES2SV240NC...
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    FS: LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i

    I switched my configuration to Adaptec, so I don't have a use for my LSI anymore. Originally purchased used from another member here. Includes both a half and full height bracket, and SFF8087 to 4x SATA breakout cables if you need them. I tried to look up a reasonable selling price for this on...
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    Adaptec RAID5 to RAID6 migration not working, won't start

    I have installed in a Supermicro 2U 12-bay CSE-826TQ case: - Supermicro X10SLL-F mobo - Intel Xeon E3-1246 v3 - 16GB ECC RAM - 2x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB (onboard RAID1) - 10x Seagate 6TB SATA Enterprise drives (ST6000NM0024) - Adaptec 6805 + Intel RES2SV240NC Expander I originally started with...
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    Half height 12+ port RAID card, does it exist?

    I have a 2U server with 12 drive bays that I'd like to completely populate. I intend to use 6TB Seagate enterprise SATA drives. Does a 12 (or 16) port, half height RAID card exist? I am also contemplating a 4/8 port + expander but I'd like to reduce points of failure if I can. I did find one...
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    Disk full error in my vdisk?

    So I am starting my migration from my previous thread here ( I've made a 6 drive vdisk using the wizard, set a capacity of 20TB, and everything looks fine. When I start copying, it errored out at 1.8TB...