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    FS: Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL, PERC H750, QLogic 25/10GB SFP+, Cisco 3064-X 10G+40G

    Dell HYM6Y PERC H750 12Gbps 8GB Cache PCI-E RAID Controller with cable (Low Profile) [WORKING PULL] - QTY 1 - $400 Dell 051GRM QLogic QL41262HFCU-DE 25/10GB SFP+ Dual-Port Network Card NIC 25GbE (High Profile) [WORKING PULLS] - QTY 4 - $175 EACH Intel Xeon Platinum 8259CL, 24 Cores @ 2.5 GHz...
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    [US-NV] 16GB PC4-2133P / 32GB PC4-2400T DDR4

    QTY: 100 - 16GB HMA42GR7AFR4N-TF 2133P (IBM 47J0253) $45.00 QTY: 96 - 32GB M393A4K40CB1-CRCQ 2400T (CISCO ucs-mr-1x322rv) $100.00 shipping costs extra. modules may vary as ram was pulled from decommissioned servers. ship USPS or UPS from Las Vegas, NV, can do pick up as well either in SoCal...
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    [FS] [USA-CA] Nexus 3064-PQ-10GE

    Nexus3000 C3064PQ-10GE 3064X Have 8 units, 4 which are available immediately. No SFP/QSFP will be included. These have 48 SFP+ ports which support 10G and 4 40G QSFP ports. All pulled from production for upgrades and have never given any issues. Pick up or ship from Los Angeles, CA Pictures...