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    Reusing HPE ML350e gen8 v2 chassis and parts

    This is a bit of a multi-genre question, hopefully I'm in the right forum :) I'm running an HPE ML350e gen8 v2 as a home nas/container/everything server but i'd like to save on power consumption and cut down noise. I wanted to build a new server, but realized that the case and drive cages are...
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    Proliant ml350e gen8 v2 fan replacement

    I'd like to replace the Delta PFR0912XHE-BC90 jet engines with something less crazy, and make this server more home friendly. I've tried hooking up ebmpapst 3252J/2HP but they run full speed and ILO reports fan error. The only suitable datasheet i can find for the delta fans are PFR0912XHE-SP00...