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    Update problem on old napp-it 151026 cause of "Framework error: code: E_SSL_CACERT"

    Hallo all, i have an old instance of napp-it that I finally wanted to update, but it wont let me do it. I checked my valid update path ist r151030, so: root@napp-it-026:/etc# pkg set-publisher -r -O OmniOS r151030 core omnios pkg set-publisher: Could not refresh the catalog for omnios Unable...
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    CIFS Logfile for Troubleshooting

    sorry but I cannot help myself. I don`t have any idea, why and when my successfuly AD joined Napp-IT lets me access his smb shares and when not. From my windows explorer on my AD joined PC all is working, but on other PCs or applications the same user gets for the same share an access denied...
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    Napp-IT ISCSI-Target with CHAP not working for Windows Initiators

    Hello, at lest I do not get it up and running ;-) Comstar configured within the good Napp-IT WebGUI without CHAP works instantly. But for security reasons one likes to have CHAP enabled... There is not any documention or hint how to do it and the obvious way within the gui: - edit iscsi...