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  1. Diavuno

    SUPER,MICRO,CLOUD X10SLD-F stuck at system initializing 15

    HELLO!! I picked up a SuperMicro MicroCloud 5038ML-H8TRF it's a 3U with 8x nodes, each packing an X10SDL-F The plan is to use it as a lab to test/train with various hypervisors and VSAN (each node has 2x3.5) 5038ML-H8TRF | MicroCloud | SuperServer | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc...
  2. Diavuno

    X8 FreeNAS upgrade X9/10? or new low power CPU?

    So, I decided my FreeNAS boxes are way, way way too old. They are all X8 era stuff, around 10 years old. My needs have grown and changed some. Can something like a Xeon D or Atom3xxx handle a hard FreeNAS box and saturate 10G with ISCSI or NFS? Im considering something like the 5019D8-TR12P...
  3. Diavuno

    512 vs 4k - why convert?

    hey, like most here Im pretty technical... but why would you want to format your drives to or from 4k instead of 512? I thought we only went to 4k for max amount of data in a certain number of addressable sectors... but is there another reason?
  4. Diavuno

    Supermicro(s) post hangs on code 42

    Hello! A while back Supermicro started making THE product, you know the one the just worked for my needs and hit the budget just right. I got one for my home PFsense, built up a few nodes for my home/lab. (1+3) In fact, I loved them so much... I setup a bunch in my business for PFsense and a...
  5. Diavuno

    WTB: 40GB NIC + DAC

    Im looking to beef up my FreeNAS/VMWARE cluster with some 40gb goodness. I just picked up a BEEFY ICX 6610-48P Must be comparable with the above.
  6. Diavuno

    Lets build my storage server!

    I'm investing in my stack again, currently Im running a mix of LSI Perc and (OMG OLD!)3ware RAID, freenas... and storage spaces. (the raid cards are mostly bare metal installs I am retiring or P2V during this project. Id like to reduce the number of systems I have. Im thinking 10gig connected...
  7. Diavuno

    no boot with particular NIC

    So, Ive been playing with freenas, okay. 11.2 seems nice! The testing box I have is an old X8 supermicro with dual GBE. NFS - sending data to and from the test box, works fine. LAGG both NICs and setup ISCSI with and an ESXI box.... okay, kinda slow. shut down, Dropped in a quad GBE i350-T4...
  8. Diavuno

    FreeNAS install failed

    I'm giving FreeNAS another chance and can get it to install on bare metal. For my testing I'm using an X8 fat twin, each node currently has: E5640 6x4GB DIMMs 4x2TB HGST NAS 2x 300GB S3500 SSDs. The HBA is the intel chipset in AHCI I think its a good setup for testing however when I...
  9. Diavuno

    ESXI With Sun 96GB PCI-E Flash Accelerator F20 Card?

    It seems to me that 96GB (24GBx4?) would be a sweet RAID card that may be OK for VMware hypervisor + a small datastore for FreeNAS Setup a Mirror for ESXI+Freenas (VMware doesnt support software RAID.) Then passthrough the HBA BUT, does anyone know how this card is seen by ESXI or Windows...
  10. Diavuno

    Why oh why Freenas 11.1 - mountroot

    What gives, I've gone through so many hoops with FreeNAS never getting it to work right (the short lived V10 worked!!) It seems freenas is super popular, but freenas in particular has always given me a hard time. ehci no disks plugged in, no usb pluged in, raid cards, jbod, intels controller in...
  11. Diavuno

    ESXI 6.5 and I350-T4

    So My VM ware setup has been running fine with "fake" i350's I upgraded one of my test nodes to 6.5 and cannot seem to get the NICs to detect, but they are known good. I tried installing a couple of driver packs and rebooting/rescan still no luck. It seems like 5.5 (not u2) is the last...
  12. Diavuno

    FreeNAS - actual computer power required?

    With the release of V10 I'm curious to play with ZFS again. I have a large stash of 846 and 836 chassis and a huge surplus of X8 gear. I'm thinking I want to setup an 846 with 8x4TB and 4-8 600GB 15k's I have. the 15k's will be VM stuff, the number varies has to do with how many SSD's I need...
  13. Diavuno

    Spaces Issue?

    So, on my test box AKA production personal server I've been using 2016 TP5 Hyper V has been managing a handful of VMs and I have been pretty happy with it. A week ago it started rebooting and throwing an error saying to install a new build. Not a problem, but I think I'll use a free hypervisor...
  14. Diavuno

    what's your ZFS flavor?

    So ZFS is a Sun developed software, but as I read more and more I see each person has a prefered flavor. FreeNAS seems to be the most popular, many going with the omni AIO solution, but there are many many more distros with ZFS support. Whats your preference and why? FreeNAS seems to be the...
  15. Diavuno

    Server MFG reliability poll.

    Based on your knowledge/experience who do you think makes the most reliable server boards? Instructions: Please pick one MFG who ONLY sells complete systems Then one motherboard vendor. Then post some of your experiences with your most loved and lease loved vendor.
  16. Diavuno

    Samsung 750

    For the cost they might make for an interesting low cost boot device. It might not be for enterprise use, I can see it having potential.
  17. Diavuno

    Issues with cluster shared storage adding disks?

    I'm playing with some equipment an ran into an interesting issue... something new I've never seen or heard of. Two X8 systems (fat twin) each with: LSI 8E HBA's flashed to IT mode, 2012R2 fully updated. On My Domain 8088 into a DataOn 2.5"JBod. both clustered with HyperV and storage roles...
  18. Diavuno

    E5620 vs L5630/40 idle power?

    Whats the idle power draw of the E5620 Vs L5640 or L5640 Clearly of the two L chips one is a quad the other a hex. So one will draw more. Each of the three chips is rated at the same voltage range, and we always talk about max TDP, but has anyone run power tests at idle? Does the E5620 REALLY...
  19. Diavuno

    Consumer SSD endurance

    So I'm always looking up SSD endurance ratings before purchase. Should I really even bother? I'm cleaning up my desktop (840EVO) and thought I should check the writes. I'm at a whopping 7.18Tb Writes, seems like a good amount for a little consumer 250GB model... but supposedly they are good for...
  20. Diavuno

    forum home from inbox

    I there a way to get back to the forum listings from the inbox? I'm being active today and notice I have to keep clicking back to the STH main page then clicking forum.