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    What the heck did HP just announce? ("Next Gen Ryzen R-series mini-desktop....?)

    Yeah, the specs are out. Can't exactly say that it's all that enticing...
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    EXPIRED Acer J4125 Desktop - $88

    Aspire XC-830? eBay refurb? Kinda big for a Wyse 5070 alternative (8L instead of 1.5L).
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Yeah - I was playing with Firewalla Blue, which was the one-port, double NATing ARP poisoning gizmo that kicks off IDS alerts...Well, more accurately, I got a NanoPi Neo2 and their firmware....can't say I am too happy with it. The purple and gold probably run on similar hardware but with...
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    HP t740 Thin Client as an HP Microserver Gen7 Upgrade (finally!)

    Which GPU? The Radeon Vega integrated GPUs do not support GPU passthrough or GPU virtualization regardless of the platform.
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    Lenovo ThinkCentre M75q Tiny Gen2 35W AMD Ryzen 5000 Powerhouse

    Eh, good little box. Just bought one as a mini-hypervisor for work. Performance is solid, and even it's Vega 7, it's still rather performant. Uncapping the framerate limiter and it can pull 50+ fps on Zelda BOTW within CEMU during my weekend "burn-in" session (yes, I know, that's an h264...
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Well, the OG Skylakes/kaby Lakes are usually gimped by the Spectre patches, while they also have the older Gen9 graphics. The later Coffee/Comet Lake machines have Gen9.5 graphics, which is faster. The Vega 3/8/11s used on the first gen Ryzens are either slightly slower, or slightly faster than...
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    PSA: I had a suspicious experience with latency2050 on eBay (sells M.2 SSD's, etc)

    He has 10 revised feedbacks - the fact that he has 100% positive feedback is probably in itself a bit one is perfect, and if you read the reviews the seller left for others, he delibrately gave positive reviews to people that shouldn't, about 15-20% of his ratings as a buyer were from...
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    TinyMiniMicro2Go - messing with mobile thin clients for fun...

    So yeah, I recently bought an HP mt46 thin client for less than 275 USD - well, not this one, but same seller. So it just arrived at my home...and I am starting to have second thoughts...about my 9 month old Framework i5 11th Gen subnotebook (with the i5-1135G7). I spent close to 1300 USD on...
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    UK HP MicroServer G7 N54L / 4GB ( ) £69

    I would say, replace the PSU first - those Delta PSUs that HPs install generally age out after 10 (!) years of use, and if you cram it full of disks it'll dip in voltage. See if the KDMPower MFX9350 (or its equivalent) is still available out there as a generic replacement for the original.
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    Topton M6 Review An Intel Jasper Lake Mini PC with 2.5GbE

    @Patrick How about a comparison with something from the Corporate side of things, like the Dell Optiplex Ultras? You might be able to score something like this for 380 or so (for the sake of link rot this is a May 2022 auction for an Optiplex Ultra 7070 running at around 420 or best offer...not...
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    What the heck did HP just announce? ("Next Gen Ryzen R-series mini-desktop....?)

    So yeah, this just hit the newswires (Crosslink to Liliputing). So the gist is that HP just pre-announced a few products, and one might be of interest to the TMM crowd - a t655 thin client meant to be powered by a "Next Gen Ryzen R-series". Considering that the current R-series is just a...
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Well, you can upgrade to Windows 11 yourself (the J4105/5005 are both Windows 11 compatible) - there'll simply not be a Win11 IoT version that would be a drop-in replacement.
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    HP T740 Thin Client Review TinyMiniMicro with PCIe Slot

    The option port? Yeah, it's specific to the chassis and only come in limited options - blank, Serial port or external wifi/BT antenna connectors. it's roughly the same dimension as most M2 to MiniPCIe adapter cards, so you can totally do something like this to make it happen.
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    HP T740 Thin Client Review TinyMiniMicro with PCIe Slot

    Well, I don't have an Alder lake TMM, not really planning to get one since I barely have space for all of my tech toys. Maybe when I upgrade my Framework to an Alder Lake i5 I'll see if I can get ARI working using the m.2 A+E/MiniPCIe and my i350 dual port card.
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    HP t420 thin client - penny pincher of marginal serverage

    1. yes 2. hos don't install VPN.
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    HP T740 Thin Client Review TinyMiniMicro with PCIe Slot

    so…not a Ryzen embedded, not on an HP, and not really relevant to the topic at hand…? Thanks, I guess?
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    Small and cheap laptop recommendations

    Powerbook G4 12 - runs Illustrator CS2 just fine.
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    HP T740 Thin Client Review TinyMiniMicro with PCIe Slot

    It's PCIe 2.0x2. It won't work for NVMe, and if it's SATA you'll need a SATA board, and a way to inject power to the drive. And you'll need to figure out where you can physically fit one inside the chassis.
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    That DDR4 SODIMM limitation is actually at a fab level - you cannot make denser DDR4 units and still have it work with the memory controller in existing CPU/APUs. If you want 64GB SODIMMs, you'll need DDR5, and as of Q2 2022, they do not yet exist. DDR5 SODIMMs are quoted at nearly 1.5 to 2x...
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    Do you need the antenna or just the 802.11ac card? The card itself should be FRU 01AX704.