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    LSI 9300-16i $129 obo

    The first drivers that were loaded during the windows xp instalation are adaptec drivers :D (And not because the name started with "a", there were also some 3ware drivers)
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    How to blink or identify NVMe drives connected to an LSI 9500 tri-mode controller.

    I think all their current stuff predates that standard (even the pcie 4.0 backplanes), at least their is no documentation about it (google with You didn't specify or link the exact supermicro server/chassis you have. I have two 745b chassis where i replaced the sas...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 Wake on LAN

    3) Not BIOS, but Boot Rom which could be used to Boot a OS via Network 4) ipmi ist awesome for starting Systems remotely :)
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    Looking for a UPS

    PCs, monitors and tvs should be able to use c13 to c14 cables to connect to ups I use such a powerstrip to "convert" from the c13 of my ups to schuko :D (Brennenstuhl 1156057128)
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    Seagate Exos 2X14 Mach.2 500MBps Hard Drive Launched

    comming here from google... After searching for information how exactly seagate achieves more throughput :D let's say we have two hdds with 8 platters each, each platter has the same storage density and capacity hdd 1: (single actuator) hdd 2: (dual actuators) how can hdd 2 be faster (in...
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    QSFP28 100G to differents speeds like 40Gb

    I have the "opposite" problem: I have multiple 100GBE nics but can't/won't update to a 100GBE switch in the near future* and have to stick with my 40GBE switch :D The 100GBE nics are mellanox cx-4 vpi cards (2 are hpe branded) and they work fine with all qsfp+ and qsfp14 cable connected to an...
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    failed enterprise/startup?
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    280W TDP CPU in Supermicro 2U?

    It was the preapplied thermal grease from the SNK-P0064AP4 heatsink. Photo from another heatsink: I would use the "x method with dots" like amd shows in their videos: (Funny thing: the guy uses the threadripper(pro) wrench and taped the logos in that video:D)
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    Chelsio NIC breakdown

    I'm curios if they can be crossflashed like mellanox cards :D
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    280W TDP CPU in Supermicro 2U?

    I rerun the tests to see what differences in temps I will get now that the thermal grease is set Ambient temp: 27°C Humidty: 50-52% (Analog hygrometer) Fan settings: Optimum speed Idle temps: SNK-P0063AP4 without airshroud: 47°C SNK-P0063AP4 with airshroud: 47°C The SNK-P0063AP4 is...
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    280W TDP CPU in Supermicro 2U?

    Threaripper Pro 3955WX on a M12SWA with 128GB ddr4 3200MHZ ram Ambient temp: 28°C Humidty: 40-44% (Analog hygrometer) Fan settings: Optimum speed Stress test with Prime95 v30.8 b15 SNK-P0064AP4: 90°C SNK-P0063AP4 without airshroud: 89°C SNK-P0063AP4 with airshroud: 90°C Idle temps...
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    Server 2022 essentials included RDP CAL's?

    From experience windows server will work fine without cals/licenses. You (the customers) want to have the proper cals/licenses when you (they) get auditioned (by microsoft or other entities for certain iso certifications) :D
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    12G spinners vs 6G spinners

    hdds? nope. maybe when seagate finally releases the hdds with multiple actuators (which can almost max out a 6GBit/s link) for everybody (see Edit: it makes sense to buy 12GBit/s hdds when they are the...
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    12G spinners vs 6G spinners

    Rerun the test with a larger files (let's say 30+ GByte) and put the hdd in the same slot (and let it "cool off" after each benchmark run). I think the result's will be even closer... I'm not sure what you mean... 6 GBit/s is ~550MByte/s with encoding and sata+sas tunneling protocol. Nothing...
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    20TB hard drive for $295

    I would check the seagate website for warranty and firmware downloads. if there is still warrant and firmware downloads available then yes, it's a great deal. (I think seagate exos are to hdds what intel dc ssds were for ssds)
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    Samsung PB SSD at 128TB for 60PB All-flash Racks

    I was thinking put these ssds in a pcie chassis/jbof and let a dedicated cpu (close to the chassis/jbof) do this work. (reminds me of hardware raid :D)
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    2022 Server Memory upgrade

    new? used? location? new & germany: 64gb dimmms
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    Dell R720xd cannot see disks in NetApp DS4246

    is the hba connected to the correct iom? with sata (and without interposers) only one iom could "see" the disks
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    Kalray K200-LP DPU with Coolidge MPPA3-80 DPU Chip at FMS 2022

    I'm blind and tired: I see three dpus and the last slot doesn't seem to have a pcie slot (maybe for dual slot accelerators/gpus/dpus?)
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    Xeon 8272CL Maximum Memory

    Do you know if this is an actual limit or if this the limit that was possible with the dimm sizes available at the time?