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    SC846 Build

    I have started another SC846 build. My first one has a small Gen3 I3 cpu and a M1015 flashed to IT mode to run ZFS file system on 20 drives. Its only purpose was for file storage and plex. My needs have changed so I am starting a new build. I currently have another barebone SC846 case just...
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    Network Build Help

    So long Story Short I have all the pieces for my network setup and functioning but not exactly how I want them. I have 4 port mini PC running pfsense it is acting is my router/firewall/squidproxy it connects to my FIOS ONT on the WAN side and the LAN side goes into my 24 port microtik router...
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    WTB: UNI AP AC PRO or AC Lite

    Like the title seeing if anyone has any UNI AP AC pro Or AC lite they are willing to part with the round ones not the square ones. Thanks.
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    Home Network Control

    Not the usual type of content here but is worth a shot. So as my kids get older I figure its time I start to monitor/block some things on that big bad web. I know no amount of blocking will block everything and teaching my kids is the way to go but a little deterrent can go a long way. My...
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    Office Chair

    Been shopping the market for a new office chair and figure a lot of you sit a fair amount in an office chair all day. Im not looking for office depot knock off cheap 99$ nor am I looking for Herman Miller $1k expensive. But something nice a lot of the reviews for long computer use focus on...
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    FS: SuperMicro PSU's and other stuff

    If prices seem to high make an reasonable offer. SuperMicro PWS-721P-1R 720W 80+ Gold $70 shipped SuperMicro PWS-920P-1R 920W 80+ Platinum $70 Shipped SuperMicro PWS-902-1R - SOLD NetGEAR WNDR3700V3 - SOLD OYUA - 40$ shipped
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    Vertical Mounting

    Is there any downside to mounting vertically? I have two 4u cases a Norco 4020 and a Supermicro sc846. I am redoing my home office and dont have room for a rack nor room for them to really sit horizontal. So was thinking of turning them vertical and rotating the fans to pull from the bottom and...
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    Networking options

    I started out with a 40TB server using an ARECA hardware raid controller. I have outgrown this setup and I am in the process of building a new ZFS based 24bay server to replace the ARECA setup. The problem is the best and cheapest way to transfer everything over in a reasonable amount of time...