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    [US-AZ] WTB: 1-2 AMD EPYC 7262

    Looking to purchase 1-2 reasonably priced AMD EPYC 7262 (this specific model only) CPUs for use in ASRock EPYCD8 motherboards Shipping to Phoenix, AZ 85023 Thanks everyone and have a smooth and virus-free week! MM
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    [WTB][USA-AZ] PDB-PT216-2824 and PDB-PT846-2824 (SuperMicro 23-pin Power Distribution Units)

    Hi everyone! Looking to update a SM CSE216A and CSE846 so they can accept a couple of PWS-1K28P-SQ that were given to me. Anyone have new/used ones for reasonable? Thanks, MM Phoenix, AZ
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    Cleaning transceiver slots

    Purchased an Edgerouter X-SFP locally through offerup and the seller threw in a pair of X520-DA NICS and DAC cable when he found out I didn’t have any Non RJ45 gear. The NICs were pretty filthy (think tar deposits from cigarette smokers and then dropped into rosin paste for spite), and I...
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    What motherboard is out there that takes....

    Cleaning out the "spare parts" cabinet, I came across a nearly full box (40+) of memory that I had bought a long time ago to upgrade a pair of WD Sentinel DS6100 servers, planning on selling the rest, but never got around to it.... The RAM is HYNIX HMT41GA7AFR8a-PB 8GB EP3L-12800E 1600Mhz ECC...