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    DIY Mini-USB Serial Dongle

    I recently acquired a Brocade 7250 switch and needed a serial cable for it, but didn't feel like spending $35 or more on a the cable kits I could find on eBay when I knew i could make my own for about $5. Also, all of the kits I found actually required you to go mini-USB to male RJ45 to DB9...
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    IPV6 Address Distribution

    My ISP provides DHCPV6-PD up to /56 and I am looking to rebuild my home network with multiple VLANS. Currently it's a single flat layer 2 domain and I have functional v6 connectivity to those devices, I would like to maintain that after segregating the network. I've worked with v4 networks for...
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    Brocade mdns/avahi support?

    So I've been a lurker here for years but never had a need to create an account because most of my questions were asked and answered eventually, or bing hooked me up with the answer. I got out of hands on IT stuff about 8 years ago and got rid of all my lab gear before that (because I had a work...