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    MRAID12G controller performance stats

    Never mind. I figured out the mystery.
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    MRAID12G controller performance stats

    Hello, Does anyone know how to pull the peformance stats off this controller via storcli or MSM ? I could't find an option with either of them unless I missed sometthing. As per guide: 0x017e 382 Information Performance Metrics: collection command 0x%lx Please advise Thanks
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    Broadcom (LSI/Avago) HBA and RAID Controller Technical Discussion

    Awesome thread and discussion about LSI controllers and glad that I came across it. We have Cisco UCS Rack servers using MRAID12G ( LSI 3108 based ) controller. We have been dealing with controller crashes / faults not often but they had had happened quite a few times. ECC erros , firmware...