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    Canada [ebay] LQD3000 AIC with 6.4TB SSD (4x1.6TB) 599 CAD

    Toshiba 6.4TB NVMe PCIe SSD HH-HL ( 4 x 1.6TB NVMe SSD inside ) | eBay Site: PCIe SSD Storage — LQD3000 AIC PCIe SSD | Liqid, Inc. Specs: Level1Techs...
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    [ebay] HGST 6.4TB NVMe U.2 3DWPD HUSMR7664BDP301 $598.98

    HGST Ultrastar SN200 PCIe SAS SSD 6.4TB HUSMR7664BDP301 SSD176 | eBay Sequential Read (max MiB/s, 128KiB): 3,350 Sequential Write (max MiB/s, 128KiB): 2,100 Random Read (max IOPS, 4KiB): 835,000 Random Write (max IOPS, 4KiB): 200,000 Mixed Random Read/Write (max IOPS 70%R/30%W, 4KiB): 550,000...
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    EU [ebay] NVDIMM AGIGA 4GB 1Rx8 PC3-12800R with PowerGem - GBP 30.00

    Maybe someone needs one... AGIGA8603-400BCA 4GB 1Rx8 PC3-12800R-11-13-ZZ NVDIMM, NVRAM inc CAPACITOR | eBay
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    [ebay BO] RMS-200/8G PCI-e NVRAM Accelerator 360$

    RMS-200/8G PCI-e NVRAM Accelerator | eBay Maybe not a good deal but interesting and rare hardware anyway. On-Board Ultracapacitors (no remote ultracapacitor pack required) Device Drivers NVMe Linux 2 2.6.38 and above Write Throughput: 5 GB/s Random 4K Write IOPS: 900K Read Throughput: 5.2...
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    SOLD eBay: HGST 10Tb SAS3 512e He10 (HUH721010AL5200)($174.99+5.7 shipping, 4 available, new(other))

    HGST 0F27397 Internal Hard Drive 10TB 3.5" SAS 12GB/s 7200RPM | eBay