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    Am I crazy for considering A-key to M-key m.2 adapter for Dell 7050 micro?

    I don’t think you‘re crazy. I’ve thought about trying to do something similar with an HP t740 to create a mini all in one storage and hypervisor server. I’m still researching the required adapter and whether I could fit it onto the board. I’ll leave you a couple of links. The first is a...
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    IB switch connect to ethernet network?

    Here’s an STH article about SFP+ to RJ-45 adapters:
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    Alternative to ROMED8-2T?

    Provantage’s website shows four Asrock Rack ROMED8-NL motherboards, but it doesn’t have 10Gbit ethernet on the board. So you would have to use one of pcie slots for an adapter. Maybe it would meet your requirements. Good luck with...
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    EU WANTED: SATA hotswap bay

    Yes, definitely cheaper to do that. Especially if you don't need to work with SAS drives. Back when I got mine IIRC it was on special from Newegg in the US and it was about $80. That was all I was willing to spend for the convenience and flexibility to use SAS drives.
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    EU WANTED: SATA hotswap bay

    Here is one option from startech. I've had a similar enclosure/adapter for several years and it has held up ok. If this one is the same, the door latching and drive seating mechanism is kind of weak. Be careful not to force it closed if something is out of alignment...
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    Low power options for firewall / pfsense / opnsense

    Mithril, Perhaps an Edgerouter X loaded with Open WRT would meet your requirements. It's very low power, max of 5 watts according to the data sheet and flashing it to OpenWRT would avoid vendor lock-in : It has 5 Gigabit ports (you would...
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    Modding the case for a T730 thin client

    lukemunozic, I have an HP t740 and I’ve considered trying to do that as well. However, I don’t have knowledge of any particular case that ‘just works’. I think at least you would have to create your own surround for the rear ports. You’ll probably have to do more modding, but I haven’t...
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    OmniOS 5.11 omnios-2fb9a48 | SMB2

    Here are a couple of references that may help. OmniOS CE r151032 or later supports SMB3 and should probably work. OmniOS r151018 or later supported SMB2.1 but a fix was required to connect from Windows clients with SMB1...
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    Intel i350 dual NIC MiniPCIe adapters - legit/workable for TMM nodes?

    Thanks for documenting the attempt. Now we all know to avoid the Hisenyo NIC. Well depending on what you think of Newegg's reputation these days, they do offer the LR-link NIC, but it does still ship from China with notes about four days processing and 6 to 18 days expected shipping times for...
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    Intel i350 dual NIC MiniPCIe adapters - legit/workable for TMM nodes?

    WANg, If you can find a translation of standard PCIe pinouts to MiniPCIe pinouts, maybe you could try masking pins on the portion which plugs into the MiniPCIe port. No idea if this would work in your case, but perhaps it's worth a try before you return the NIC. An example link Anyone have...
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    Switching from SmartOS to TrueNAS

    knorrhane, Gea is an expert on ZFS who frequents these STH forums, but here's some basic information below about feature flags which is the system the zfs developers switched to from the earlier zfs pool versioning. I don't have any experience with SmartOS, but IIRC the last pool version was...
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    Updating ESXi, napp-in-one and omnios

    tnkrer, Hope this helps with your ESXi question. I think ESXi 6.0 may have the 'Autostart' capability as well. I know the free version of ESXi 6.7 includes the autostart capability and you can edit the settings using the vsphere html client. Look for the following in the menu: 'Host' >...
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    Choosing the right UPS to a server

    Zecas, Here's a link to CyberPower's runtime chart for the CP1500PFCLCD: Runtime Calculator | Power Runtime Calculating Tool Looks like it should be capable with good/newer batteries. YMMV as the batteries age. Hope this helps.
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    I came across this company in previous searches for an Asrock motherboard, but I don’t have any experience dealing with them. IIRC, you are not able to purchase from them by credit card nor paypal. Perhaps other members have experience with Game PC that they will share...
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    HP t740 Thin Client as an HP Microserver Gen7 Upgrade (finally!)

    @WANg, My thinking so far is that using VSphere/ESXi 6.7 allows for an install to a USB flash drive, thus keeping the internal m.2 SATA and m.2 NVMe slots available for use as a datastore and/or passthrough to a VM. I have tested the ability to connect an SSD (installed in an external USB 3.0...
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    HP t740 Thin Client as an HP Microserver Gen7 Upgrade (finally!)

    @WANg, Thanks again for researching the capabilities of the t740. Sharing my meager research. I've been able to get ESXi 6.7 Update 3(Build 16075168) with the Realtek r8168 driver installed to a USB flash drive as the boot drive and it will boot without a keyboard, mouse and display...
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    Mounting R500 AP

    XplodingData, I mounted a Ubiquiti AP on a drywall ceiling using a similar ’old work’ electrical box, but it had a different arrangement that allowed for the ethernet cable to reach the RJ-45 jack from the box and stay flush to the ceiling. From your picture it appears that no standard box and...
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    HP t740 Thin Client as an HP Microserver Gen7 Upgrade (finally!)

    Thanks for answering my questions. Good to know about the part #s in the disassembly guide being mostly useless. I did get the keyboard, mouse and the stand with my 7NN06AT from CDW Outlet so it looks like I got everything intended. I'll figure out a different bracket if I ever use the VESA...
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    All Gone for Now — HP SB t740 Thin Client Ryzen V1756B 8GB RAM 64GB

    mimino, FYI, I did receive my t740 from CDW Outlet, HP product number 7NN06AT#ABA on May 7th. I hope your order goes through and you receive your t740 soon. PD
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    HP t740 Thin Client as an HP Microserver Gen7 Upgrade (finally!)

    WANg, Thanks for investigating and documenting the t740 so well. I received my HP t740 from CDW Outlet (HP product number 7NN06AT#ABA) and it was also missing the RAM shield. I wonder if HP has stopped installing them during manufacturing. There is a note on the service diagram on the inside...