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    New NAS build - is M1015 still king?

    Is the M1015 still the best bang for buck for NAS builds? In 2014 I purchased and still use an M1015, now that I am building a second NAS while keeping the original still online I am wondering if I should buy yet another M1015 or if there may be something better/newer? My use case: Linux...
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    Do any AsRockRack motherboard support v1.35 DDR4 voltages?

    Browsing thru their website for an AM4 motherboard for my next NAS build for home. I need it to support unbuffered DDR4 and v1.35 voltages - looks like I am out of luck?
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    ASRock X470D4U - No XMP settings, maxes out at 3000Hz memory clock?

    My new build is based on ASRock X470D4U and 64GB DDR4 3600Hz memory, it looks like BIOS overclock settings don't show speeds above 3000Mhz - anyone have any idea how I can get 3600Hz out of this board? My memory supports 3600Hz = G.Skill RipJaws V Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin SDRAM DDR4 3600...
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    August 2021: which models of TinyMiniMicro should I be looking out for deals?

    I am looking to complement my homelab with one or two TinyMiniMicro devices. Although the articles in STH are detailed some of them may be a year or two old, my question is - for August 2021 which models are the most recommended for a TinyMiniMicro setup? The lenovo P330 with its extra PCI-e...
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    U-NAS 810A does it come with SATA PWDIS 3.3v support?

    I'm considering purchasing the 810A to replace my Lenovo TS440 8x3.5" chassis that's 8 years old now. One of the biggest PITA of my Lenovo is that its SATA backplane is based on an old standard that does not support 3.3V PIN required by most newer hard drives. Sure you can patch the 3.3V pin...
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    Time to upgrade my 5 year old build? Using Xeon E5 2650L v3 (12c/24t) 1.8

    Lurker here, about 5 years ago I jumped on the 'intel confidential' bandwagon and build a Xeon E5 2660L v3 server. This continues to be my primary homelab/all-in-one box running Promox and a few VMs but it seems like my setup may have started to show its age and I am thinking of possibly...
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    CPU heatsink recommendation for E5 v4 on X10SRL-F?

    I am looking for a heatsink recommendation for a Xeon E5 v4 on a supermicro X10SRL-F motherboard. Preferably not a T4 cooler (6 inches in height is too tall) and I was thinking of getting this Intel official heatsink but the review said it does not match? not for LGA 2011-3 "does not fit the...
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    Xeon E5 ES friendly server motherboard with IP KVM?

    Hi there, I've reached the bottleneck of my Lenovo TS440 machine and I am looking at upgrading to the E5 2600 v4 (or v3) LGA2011-3 series CPUs, it looks like there are a few "engineering samples" out there going for cheaper than retail. I was wondering is there a list somewhere listing the...
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    Using a Lenovo TS440 chassis and PSU for a supermicro board?

    I own a Lenovo Thinkserver TS440 with the E3-1225v3 platform but I have outgrown the 32GB maximum memory limit. I have started looking at options and I was wondering if anyone has re-used the power supply and TS440 chassis by installing a different motherboard (say Supermicro)? Does anyone...
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    Used 2U 4-node E5 xeon options?

    Howdy, Are there any good used alternatives to the C6220 4-node Intel E5 cloud server? I would like to get one for my homelab. Thanks