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    FreeNAS Corral and bhyve network question

    I installed Corral and have been playing around with VMs. I've observed an interesting problem when running some simple network tests and I'm wondering if anyone has seen similar results in their testing. All tests are running on a 10G Network and involve running the following 2 commands. On...
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    Rack to Tower conversion?

    Hi folks, I have two (well more, but let's start with two) SC826 Chassis. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a product that would allow me to stack two vertically, back to back to effectively create a 4U tower? Floor space is precious, vertical space less so. Cheers Simon
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    SV843 SSD and disk activity light

    Evening all, I have several SV843 SSD which I'm more than happy with and appear to be performing well. What's got me a little irritated though is not being able to figure out why the disk activity light is perma-on when these are installed. All other SSD, when installed in the same slots, blink...