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    ryzen 2700u vs old opteron 4365EE as home router

    I have an old dual Opteron 8-core 4365EE and a Ryzen 2700u laptop motherboard that I'm debating using one or the other as a home router. I want to wrap all of my traffic (3-5+ people) in a VPN connection and plan on using this for other basic things (file server, pi hole type arrangement etc)...
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    Usb-c direct server to server connection....

    Is it possible to directly connect two servers together via a single usb-c cable(or thunderbolt, even?). Ive heard about ethernet over USB but havent seen much on this. Ethernet over usb appears to be some form of virtual adapter so i realize there would be CPU overhead. The reason should...
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    B550D4-4L .....what are these slots?

    Anyone know if the blue slots on this board are pci-e 3.0 broken out from the b550 chipset and usable along side the 4.0 slots? I cant find documentation on this.
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    open box Supermicro motherboard on Newegg

    Looking at an open box supermicro board on Newegg. Does Newegg test these when they get back in? Or do they just forward them on to the next customer? Worth a shot?
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    FS Thread (CPU's, RAM, Icydock, Ryzen Elitedesk, Raspberry Pi, tons of 4300 opteron hardware, R815)

    Edit: First combo sold Need to clear out a bunch of hardware I'm not using to offset the cost of an Epyc build. Motherboard/CPU Combos: 1. 1st 3900x combo: Asus TUF x570 Plus Wifi + 3900x + AMD Wraith cooler 2. 2nd 3900x combo: ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING II + AMD Wraith Cooler 1st combo: $350...
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    Anyone know if a Ryzen (pro) 2700u will support 64GB RAM?

    Looking at getting a Ryzen Pro 2700u laptop (probook 645 g4). Does anyone know if these "unofficially" supports 64GB RAM? (2x32GB)
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    Need help identifying these ports on my motherboard...

    What are these 3 ports?
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    Need help picking 32gb ddr4 desktop sticks

    Im looking for the best 32gb sticks for my use-caese at the best price point. This is desktop ram that will be seeing server usage. Looking for database performance. So far I'm deciding between a set of: 1. A-Die (I think) Samsung 32gb sticks (M378A4G43AB2-CWE) at 1.2v 2. G.skill ripjaws which...
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    list of 7mm 12g SAS SSD's ?

    I'm new to 12g sas SSD's and I'm looking for a list of 7mm 12g SAS SSD's to see what the best performing/highest capacity available is. I'm also OK opening up 15mm SSD's to make them fit if there are any 15mm drives that can be somehow chopped down to ~7mm (which I somehow doubt?). I was...
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    Will a Quanta Winterfell take a Xeon 2696 v3?

    I've got a Quanta Winterfell sled I'm using with a DPS-1200 power supply. It's been pretty much bulletproof but I'm wondering if this motherboard can handle two 18-core E5-2696 v3 CPU's? Thanks!
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    Need advice on a dual epyc (pcie 4.0) pedestal server

    So i need a dual epyc (pci-e 4.0) pedestal server for work. I cant really find anyone that makes these in a pedestal box so im thinking either a custom shop or it will have to be built in-house which id rather avoid as everyone is stretched thin as it is. Can anyone recommend a place that can...
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    Need recommendation on server-grade pcie m.2 bifurcation card

    I'm getting a little (and I do mean little) bit of budget to build a new database server for my company and I need something incredibly fast to deal with increasing demand that is coming for what this server is going to be doing. I will also have to ship this thing across the country so it has...
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    12g SAS to NVME 2.5" drive adapter case

    I just got a Cisco 12g sas controller and am curious if these exist. I know these exist to adapt NVME to SATA-3 but I figure (especially with PCI-E 4.0 12g sas adapters out there) something like this would be a great way to really saturate the bus. Does anyone know of anything like this out...
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    ESXi and x570 NVME RAID

    Looking at getting a x570 motherboard for my 3900x and want to make use of the on-board NVME raid functions. Can or will ESXi recognize a x570 NVME RAID volume or will passthrough to a VM be required to make it work? edit: I won't be booting ESXi from this volume; it would be only for database...
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    WTB: Asus PRO WS X570-ACE

    Looking for an Asus PRO WS X570-ACE motherboard. Let me know whatcha got! Thanks!
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    Looking for recommendation on less expensive Ryzen motherboard with remote management

    So this might be a challenge.... I've got a HP 705 G4 SFF right now with 64GB DDR4, Ryzen Pro 2700 and a 4-port PCI-E x1 NIC. I want a motherboard with more usable PCI-E slots but one that also has some form of remote management capabilities.... the problem is that I only have a bit over $100...
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    E7 v3/v4 xeon servers that support DDR3

    Anyone know of Any? Blade or otherwise.
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    Intel res2sv240nc drive size limits?

    Hey guys I have looked everywhere for info on this but does anyone know what, if any, drive size limitations exist for the Intel res2sv240nc expander card? I remember that old expander boards had 2tb limits I'm just trying to figure if this one has a 4tb limit or something.
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    drive trays for supermicro 836

    I need some drive trays for my 836 chassis I just got, does anyone know of all the compatible part numbers? I looked on the SM site and it lists one but I see others on ebay that look like they're physically compatible? Anyone have any ideas?
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    RAID controller recommendation for Supermicro 836 + 16x 7200 rpm drives

    Hey just picked up a supermicro 836 chassis and I'm looking at raid controllers. I have a HP P812 right now but I don't think it will do 6gb/s for SATA drives (only SAS). I'm curious what you guys would recommend as far as RAID controllers for 16x 7200 rpm drives (probably 4tb) in an 836...