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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    got some X13SAE-F-O - one was dead DOA no luck in getting X13SAZ-F-O
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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    could be ram issue ?
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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    any vendors selling the supermicro or any other brands motherboards with IPMI option for 12th gen ?
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    LGA 1700 Alder Lake "Servers"

    anyone been able to get the supermicro MB's ? i see ASRockRack has two listed as well
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    Chassis for Supermicro H12SSL-NT that support NVMe backplain

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good 1u or 2u chassis that will support Supermicro H12SSL-NT where I can use the 2 x slimline SAS 8 for NVMe Thanks in advance.
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    ASRock Rack PAUL IPMI Card

    did anyone get the power cycle or reset option working with the card ?