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    dell m1000e Mezzanine compatibility issue

    I have a m1000e with some m820 and m620 that are working fine, each of them have the following network card configured to work on 10gb Ethernet 10 GbE XAUI Broadcom M57710 i am trying to add newer m630 blades . but every mazzine network card i try gives an error and the server does not...
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    Looking for recommendation for enterprise m2 sata ssd for boot

    most of the 2.5' slots are used for storage , we have some free ram slots and i am thinking to use them with something like this and use the freed 2.5' for extra storage any suggestion for enterprise m2 ssd sata drives (i am also open for refurbished ) is 860 EVO SATA M.2 SSD a good option...
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    [WTB] 64ddr3 lrdimm( 60 units), small sata ssds, 2697v2

    We are extending our cluster and need some hardware: * 60 units of 64GB ddr3 lrdimm (total of 3840GB, if the price is good we might buy more) * 15 units sata ssds (enterprise, 90% or better smart) 400GB or better ( not willing to pay extra for much larger drives, this is intended for boot drive)...
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    looking for 4x switch suggestion

    currently we have mix brand mode switches mostly cisco 3x2690G, 3132q (40GB), dell force10(10GB) we are out of 1G ports, and we in the process of ordering new(refurbished) switches we are thinking for ordering 4x3750x with 10GB module. (each cost around 300$ on ebay) I am thinking for going...
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    does X6557-R6 NETAPP 0.5M compatible as 40gb ethernet ?

    we plan to connect them between mellanox cx3 and 40gb qsfp eternet switch should it work ?
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    MZ7WD960HMHP detects wrong size

    update: only size incorrect issue remain for some reason wrong size is shown for the drive 880GB instead of 960GB i am running with ubunu 20.04 live cd. i successfully formatted and erased using hdparm i tired format with Samsung DC toolkit but it fails: here is some reports\logs...
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    [WTB] 10x sas 2.5' ssd 400GB+, 10x X5670 cpu, mellanox qsfp cables, cisco switches

    Looking for 10x 2.5 sas ssds 90% life left 400GB or more willing to pay up to 300-400$ for all of them 10x X5670 cpu willing to pay 100$ for all of them 10x, qsfp mellanox cable mix sizes 0.5-1m 10$ each 3x Cisco WS-C3750X-48P-s\e + C3KX-NM-10G any other model with stacking in the back...
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    ram comparability question for server - looking for single sticks of 64GB ddr3

    i am planing to expand our servers ram, i have the following and i would like to know what model it is compatible server (dell m620 ) with 16 *16GB HMT42GR7BMR4C-G7 - SK Hynix 16GB DDR3-1066 RDIMM PC3-8500R Quad Rank x4 Module i would like to add 4 more sticks of 64 GB what more are...
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    WTB small pc with 4 screen support for remote access and plex server

    Currently looking for one unit for myself to replace the big old full tower under my table, but if price is good we we open for lot of 5 units + for our our company. must support 4*FHD screen ( 4K is nice)
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    ddr4 - sata\sas dimm lookout

    i have a good experience with drives like ssd on ddr3 SATADIMM i used it especially for boot drive(and used all the 2.5/3.5 drives for storage) does anyone heard of similar ddr4 based?
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    Is It possible ? Supermicro AOC-S3008L-L8E mix sas2 sas3

    does mixing sas2,sas3 in the controller (flashed in IT mode) cause drop speed for all to sas2?
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    WTB sas3 ssd's (fourth lot),

    we received our second batch of seagate nytro 3130 (3.8TB ) and we need more space for our growing ceph cluster:) and waiting for third lot (from STH member), WTB sas3 ssd 2.5: looking for a large batch of ssds (in split in chunks of 10-20 each to reduce risk ) requirements: performance...
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    WTB 1.6TB-4TB ssd (large qty) , and few AIC 250GB+

    looking for a good price for decent ssds, sas\sata 2.5' looking for : 24-30 UNITS each 4TB (sas\sata 2.5' drives) 48-50 2TB drives (sas\sata 2.5' drives) 48-50 1.6TB drives (sas\sata 2.5' drives) 3-5 units AIC (240GB+) any decent brand bought first lot, looking for another lot of...
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    m.2 PCIe adapter in Supermicro Super X9DRD-CNT+

    i am planning to get 5 servers Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 2U | 6027R-CDNRT+ to make ceph storage cluster and i would like to know if i can connect m.2 pcie adapter (with 4 m2 connector) to a single pcie lane the motherboard supports 1x PCI-E 3.0 x16 (FHHL), 2x PCI-E 3.0 x8...
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    EU WTB: 24 units E5-2695v2/E5-2697v2

    Hi all, I might buy in the next few weeks 12 servers that support xeon v2 cpus, they will come 6-8 core cpu, at a very good price, and i would like to upgrade them if the price will be reasonable, i am looking for price quote for 24 units of xeon E5-2695v2 (120$ ) or E5-2697v2 (150$) Pm offers...
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    Looking for for chassis to support lots of ssds in decent price

    i am looking for a chassis that can store approx 72ssd for a 4u (approx 250-300TB of raw data before redundancy) looking for best price\value. the ssds will be orders in batches (not all at once) best price for ssd\speed i found is for PM983 3.84TB SSD fast and under 400$ for unit, the problem...
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    WTB: Looking for blades for m1000e (m620,m630)

    looking for multiple blades m620 or newer with at least 20 cores (40 threads) 256gb (16*16) including two caddis with screws (no hdd needed\you can leave empty or put cheapest hdd available) optional 10gb network card and h710 raid pm me for offer (price per unit) or post it here