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    Powershell programming help.

    I'm trying to create some powershell to distribute video encoding to each of my computers in the house. So far I have done just that. I actually created a function that does great on a single localhost or to another computer just fine using ffmpeg for now. What I would like to do now is take...
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    RDMA with 40GB Ethernet Mellanox ConnectX3 Cards

    I am having some problems very reminiscent of my early struggles with ConnectX2 cards and RDMA. I have a Dell z9000 32 port 40GBE switch with some really old FTOS firmware which does not have DCB. But from my understanding that dcb in not specifically needed for RDMA to function just need to...
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    FS - Everything Must Go! 40Gbe Layer-3 Switch, lb4, lb4m, SSDs, SAS Expanders, Much More!

    I may have gone overboard with the punctuation, but really I am getting rid of a ton of stuff. I plan on posting the information here and setting up ebay auctions with no reserve with starting bids at $0.99. I have a ton of stuff to get rid of and if I don't do it this way I am never going to...
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    Server 2016 TP4 – Storage Spaces Direct Performance

    This will be a work in progress with the intent to implement this with the recommended 4-nodes (here is a link to current recommendations for Storage Spaces Direct hardware requirements link). I have the intent to give Storage Spaces Direct a trial and then setup ScaleIO on the same hardware and...
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    FS - The Great Purge August 2015 Edition!

    **In the processes of uploading pictures and adding descriptions, if you see something in the meantime that you want pm me with the price and we can go from there** So I am down sizing and decommissioning most of my home cluster. It breaks my heart to do so but due to a recent promotion I am...
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    Cisco NXOS Layer 3 Switch, DHCP Relay, Intervlan Routing - How to make it work

    After almost two days of trial and error (as well as a ton of reading) I am not any closer to solving this problem. I am hoping to get some assistance, in what think is just a fundemental missunderstanding of how intervlan routing, layer 3 functions in nx-os, and placement of router (if needed)...
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    Wow that's a lot of flash!

    Well this too me looks very interesting and being that it is a nimbus piece of equipment and a whole boat load of flash the price isn't half bad! 22 4TB SSD Storage Array Supermicro X8DTH 6 2XQC E5620 48GB 56X 400GB SSD | eBay
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    FS: Motherboards, Chassis , RAM, C6100s, HDDs,SAS SSDs,CPUs,PFSense,SAS Expanders.The great purge!!!

    **Updated Pricing - Price has been lowered and items for trade have been updated along with new pics of the subsequent build and benchmarks. 12-7-14** There will be a large number of items posted in here, and this post will be updated frequently. A little background information: My story starts...
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    FS - Dell C6100 24-Bay and 12 Bay - 2 of each

    I have Two Dell C6100 12 bay and 2 c6100 24 bay chassis. Each Chassis contain 4 nodes each with each node containing 2xl5520, 24gb of ram. The 12 bay versions contain the mellanox connectx-2 dual port infiniband mezzanine cards. The 24 bay versions have hp drive sleds and the lsi sas 1.0 sas...
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    Dell C6100 and ConnectX-2 Mezzanine card runnin at pci-e x4 not x8

    Well I am having trouble with finding any answers to this problem. I have a number of the ConnectX-2 c6100 mezzanine cards that I have set up and working wonderfully in Windows Server 2012 r2 but the links are running at half speed, Fore example, when running large block reads and writes to ram...