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    HPE custom ESX 7 gen8 sl230

    Try any HPE Custom image 7.0.3
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    Info on LSI SAS3408? Got myself a 530-8i on eBay...

    Hi. Anyone using in tri-mode with U.2 drive? What cable to use?
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    1964 plots 0 XCH
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    $79.75: 960GB Micron 5100 Pro

    And shipping cost to EU is?
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    How to reformat HDD & SSD to 512B Sector Size

    Can't reformat . I try in many adapters and servers. Can use them if attached to sas controler in IT mode, only in esxi. This are 3GB not 6GB as described.
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    Port-wise NIC passthrough - SR-IOV required?

    Regular four port network card is splitted in two and can be passthrough independent each.
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    How to reformat HDD & SSD to 512B Sector Size

    I have some Samsung MZ-3S9200T/oC3 200 gb SSD with firmware VCC3EC3Q. I try to reformat with multiple HBA and different OS and now luck. Today I put one one on Dell H310 in IT mode and boot ESXI 6.0. Strange but I can use it for datastore. If I pass-through the controller H310 to other VM with...
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    I think is not drivers problems. Hdd is not accepting command to format. All view command is working.
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    Me in the same position. Seller sell different EMC SSD disk, not all the same. My disc is 3GBs and Samsung Brand. I can't format them . I try to connect on dell h200, hba H240 but I receive illegal commands using sg3_utils on Windows, Ubuntu live, etc.
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    HP Proliant DL380 G7 and NC552SFP 10GB... fans spinning?

    I have one 553FLR dual sfp+ in DL160 Gen8 and nothing change in fan speed.
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    EU Used Intel DC S3500 160/300GB (60/98€ - shipped price)

    I buy 10 pcs of 160Gb. Life estimated 98-100. Write beetwen 600gb to 8000Gb.
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    $49.99 FS from Israel Intel DC S3500 240GB 2.5"

    I buy 2 from this seller from previous listing also at 49.99$ and 0.01 shipping. One with 17 hour and second with 18 hour of function. Previous listing was only for 4 drive. Assuming that are no way to modify SMART information I'm very happy with tis drive and price. I'm from Europe. L.E Was...
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    Cross-flashing an IBM M5014 to LSI 9260

    I flashed with firmware and the card is showing on bios post that is LSI9260-8i and working. But I don't have the Advance Software Options menu in bios or MSM application in Windows. I found on internet one pdf that show some difference between MR controller and IR controller and IR...