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    The Infamous Mikrotik CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+ Thread

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create a thread regarding this particular switch from Mikrotik, namely the CRS354-48P-4S+2Q+. While this looked like a dream of a switch, packing 48 copper 1G ports, 4 SFP+ Cages and 2 QSFP+ and dual PSU for less thant 500$, it turned out to be a nightmare and an...
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    Asrockrack X470D4U and zen3 / Ryzen 5900X support

    Hello I was convinced that I read somewhere that a lab bios was available for the X470D4U to support Zen3 CPU and more specifically the Ryzen 5900X. I can't find it anywhere. I know the X570D4U has had one as we have some of them aldready running zen3 cpu but did I dreamt the X470D4U had one too ?
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    EU [EU-BE] FS Supermicro X8dti-F+ 2* XEON E5506 and coolers

    Hello I have 4 kits of 1* Supermicro X8DTI-F Motherboard 2* Intel Xeon E5506 CPU 2* 1U heatsink for sale if anyone is interested looking for ~ 50€ / kit + shipping from Belgium.
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    Intel DC S3500 SSD - What could cause the PLP capacitor to fail ?

    Hello We have multiple arrays with intel DC S3500 800 Gb drives and they have been quite solid until now. We had some strange incident this week with 2 drives reporting smart pre fail values because of capacitor failure at the same time. We have replaced the drives, they have their age and...
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    Synology RS3614RPxs cpu and ram upgrade

    Hello I am trying to upgrade a Synology RS3614RPxs to more RAM and CPU but I get no luck. Has anyone here succeeded ? The stock CPU is a Intel Core I3 4130. I tryed to replace it with an Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 but the system would not boot. The Ram is 2* 2GO DDR3 1600 ECC 1.5 volts. I tryed...
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    EU Dell / Seagate Cheetah 15K.7 300GB SAS P/N9FL066-150

    Hello I have 12 Cheetah 15K.7 300 GB SAS to sell, I was thinking of 24,99€ / drive. They are located in Belgium, I can ship with UPS. Quite old stuff but rock solid :-)