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    40GBE for $200 shipped.

    Looks like a good deal: Edgecore 40GBE switch :
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    SuperMicro X9DRD-7LN4F - SR-IOV Support

    Hello, Does anyone know if the X9DRD-7LNF supports SR-IOV ? I am interested in testing Connectx-3 VF functions and would like to know if this motherboard would work. I tried to look into the BIOS for enabling SR-IOV but I don't see that option. So I am assuming it does not. But wanted to...
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    Help getting Connectx-3 working in SR-IOV under proxmox-ve.

    Hi Folks Need help getting SR-IOV (inifiniband) to work with Proxmox-ve. I’ve installed MLX_OFED_LINUX ver 4.3- installed on both the host (proxmox ve 5.4-3 and the guest (ubuntu 18.04). I’ve enabled SR-IOV in the firmware of the card, SR-IOV on MLX_OFED Driver and go the point of...
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    iSer Driver for VMWare 6.5

    Hello all, Just noticed this on Mellanox site today - iSer driver for VMWare 6.5. There is a new tab called 'iSer Download'. Seem there's support for ConnectX-3 Eth drivers as well. Thanks Gurvinder
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    vmware installer hangs loading mpt2sas module

    Hello all, Need some help here - I currently have ESXi 6.0U1 running on a Tyan S7050 (48gb / 2 x E5-2650) system. The system has 2 LSI 2008 based PCIe adapter - a Dell H310 flashed to IT mode and a Sun F40 PCIe Accelerator. Both cards are passed through to a Solaris (11.3) guest. The system...