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    LSI9361-8i/M5210 In Non-Server Chassis - Cooling/Temperature Question

    I have the same card with a 40x10mm generic fan, at times the temp goes up to 55°C, but no issues at all
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    RECOMMENDATION PLEASE: RAID Controller - 6Gb/s or 12Gb/s SAS

    The cheap and best option is to go with the IBM serveRaid card with M5210 or M5110 (much cheaper). For Raid5/6 you would need to the crd with cache and the supercap battery. I have been using this with 8 HDDs without any issues. example link...
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    Info on LSI SAS3408? Got myself a 530-8i on eBay...

    Folks, I just bought PERC H740p and trying to crossflash it to Broadcom 9460-8i Could someone please help me with the StorCLI command to change the VID stuff so I can flash the firmware: 9460-8i_nopad.rom I did this long time ago for the older cards like IBM ServeRAID, but completely...
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    Anyone flashing Mellanox ConnectX-3 in qty?

    OK, thats the part I'm missing. But I'm not seeing any examples, anywhere. Only thing I see is option --allow_psid_change which I have used it while burning. Is there anything else needed?
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    Anyone flashing Mellanox ConnectX-3 in qty?

    BTW, I flashed the latest MCX354A-FCB_A2-A5 firmware but the adapter still says qcbt instead of fcbt.
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    Anyone flashing Mellanox ConnectX-3 in qty?

    Ok, thanks. But I see these already in my ini file. This is what I want to do. I have cx3 mcx354A-qcbt and want to convert into cx3 mcx354A-fcbt. So I can do 40GBe/56Gb Ethernet. Please help with directions. thanks in advance.
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    Anyone flashing Mellanox ConnectX-3 in qty?

    Hello, can anyone post the INI file for the mod from QCBT to FCBT? fw fw-ConnectX3-rel.mlx -conf MCX354A-FCB_A2-A5.ini Thanks
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    IBM Serveraid M5110: unable to boot

    Thanks to fca for the pin 5/6 mod. The card now boots. Looking for cross flash success posts....
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    IBM Serveraid M5110: unable to boot

    Hi All, I bought an IBM Serveraid M5110 card with 512MB flash and having problems in even booting with the card. The system(Asus Z87 pci-e 3.0) hangs at boot before even getting into BIOS. Any help greatly appreciated. Also I would like to cross flash this to LSI if possible, I see few threads...