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    Is ESXi 7.0 still working with Nvidia Grid K2 ?

    Hey everyone, I could snatch a Grid K2 for a few bucks. I have no real "usecase" other than playing arround. Is there anybody on this Forum that could give a hint whether the Grid K2 would still work on ESXi 7.0? It is no longer on the HCL and I think there was no Driver for 6.7 because the EOL...
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    Help needed: Controller impending failure data error S.M.A.R.T. error on HGST 800 GB SAS3 SSD

    Hello everyone, yesterday I received a HGST 800GB SAS3 SSD ( HUSMM8080ASS200 ) used from eBay. HGST 800 GB SSD Festplatte 2.5 Zoll SAS HUSMM8080ASS200 P/N 0B28589 | eBay It went into my FreeNAS Box and instantly an error showed. Specs of the FreeNAS box: Supermirco X10-SRi-F, Avago...
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    (solved) NVMe U.2 to PCI-E Adapter card?

    Hey there, I am looking for an SLOG Drive for my FreeNAS build. I was trying to buy a Intel DC P3700 PCI-E, but there are none that are decently priced on Ebay... I stumbled across those drives: Intel SSD DC P3600 800GB NVMe U.2 SSDPE2ME800G4- SSD - 800GB - intern - 6,4 cm | eBay but tbh: I...
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    Looking for VPS or dedicated Server with near perfect latency to Phoenix (Arizona)

    Hello there, I hope the forum section is about right. I am trying to find a vps / or dedicated server that has a very low latency to a server that I think is located in Phoenix, Arizona... ATM I use a Vultr VPS 1 Core 1GB Ram. Ubuntu. The ping from this vps to the server is...
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    ESXI 6.7 GPU PassThrough and "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS" not working.

    I am evaluating ESXI 6.7. When activating "expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS" (hope I am translating correct) (CPU Options, one line above IOMMU) it is possible to additionaly add a PassThrough GPU to my Windows 10 VM guest, but the VM is not starting, showing error "It...
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    Looking for performance Tweaks while trying to run multiple Windows VMs with Bluestacks

    Hello, I was trying lately to run at least 2 Windows VMs with Bluestacks on basis of several hypervisors. Hardware is a Supermicro X10 with 32GB RAM and a E3 1241V3. The problem I was facing with all Hypervisors I have tried is, that I could only assign one core to Bluestacks. Therefore the...
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    (Solved) Supermicro 2011-3 Mainboard with out of the box xeon e5 v4 compatibility?

    Stupid me... as always I snatch something on eBay and make up my mind afterwards. So I got a E5 2667 v4 QHVD real cheap and now I am thinking of building a sp or dp system (don't care what it will be) around it. As I check the SM Homepage I always have to read: V4 supported with bios 2.0 and...
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    Looking for a HTML5 based RDP/VNC solution

    Hello everyone, I am looking for ideas on how to rdp / vnc via html5 into my home network using my workstation in the office. I have spent days without finding a usable solution. General information and caveats: In my office every url to a known provider of rdp / vnc services is blocked...
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    CSE-PTJBOD-CB3: remote power on script?

    Hello everyone, is there a way to remote power on a CSE-PTJBOD-CB3 without having to log in to the webgui? What I would like to do is start a VM in ESXI and this should send the signal to the CSE-PTJBOD-CB3 to turn it on, so when the VM is booted up the disks in the jbod are spun up and the vm...
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    Trying to consolidate bare metal machines (need your input)

    Hey guys, I need your help. I would like to get rid of some bare metal machines in order to save some energy and space and to pay down my cc ;-) so I can buy a XEON D 1540 :p In my current setup I have 3 machines running. 1.) Supermicro A1SAM 2750F Case: Supermicro SC 825 with TQ Backplane...
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    Supermicro rear window PSU case mod (SC 836) more to come if there is interest

    Hello everyone, as the title is suggesting I would like to share pictures of the case mod I did for my Supermicro SC 836 chassis rear window to fit a consumer PSU with SFX-L formfactor (SilverStone SX500-LG) into the SC 836 chassis. This was done, because I needed the chassis as quite as...
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    EU Supermicro SC 847 for 595 EUR

    Supermicro CSE-847 Server Gehäuse mit 36x SAS/S-ATA Festplatteneinschüben I bought from this seller before: Everything was better than expected! Was expecting a SC 826 with a TQ backplane and got a sas2 expander backplane. Chassis was mint condition so utmost happy The price is awesome! Never...
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    Possible(?): connection between SFP+ switch to a 1000Base-T endpoint using OM3 fibre

    Hello everyone, I have a Mikrotik Switch (A) and I used to run a connection via SFP+ optics and OM3 fibre to another mikrotik (B) switch. The endpoint was connected via 1000Base-T to Mikrotik (B). Mikrotik (B) died and I don't have the money (and probably don't even need) to buy a new...
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    Looking for: Smallest / Nice looking POE Injector (ceiling mount point)

    Hey everyone, I have reached the point where I ordered another UAP AC Pro, because coverage in the living room is kind of bad and the wife is complaining all the time. So I thought lets buy another ap and test this wireless uplink mode (because we are living in a rented house, so breaking...
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    Difference between Supermicro SC813MT and 813MTQ?

    I figured out it is the backplane BPN-SAS-815T vs BPN-SAS-815TQ But I was not able to find out what that means... What does the the missing "Q" indicate? I know TQs are usually direct attach backplanes, so no expander or stuff like that. Thanks guys
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    [WTB] MCP-290-83603-0N (metal bracket for mounting a backplane to a Supermicro 836 chassis)

    Hello everyone, I want to buy a MCP-290-83603-0N, a metal bracket for mounting a BPN-SAS2-836EL1 backplane into a Supermicro 836 chassis. Super Micro Computer, Inc. - FAQ Entry Would pay $50 + shipping. Europe prefered.
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    [Solved] BPN-SAS2-836EL1 what is the metal frame the BPN is mounted to called?

    Hey everyone, I got my BPN-SAS2-836EL1 the other day. I wanted to replace a BPN-836 TQ backplane. So far the theory. When trying to do that I noticed, that the mounting holes are not alligned, so I can just use the upper 4 screws to keep the BPN in place. This causes the problem, that...
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    Looking for SAS3 HBA with LSI chip (confused about price differences)

    I am looking for a SAS 3 HBA. After researching a while I think a HBA based on a SAS3008 would suit my needs the most. So I started looking for prices. LSI 9300 8i = 285 EUR ASUS PIKE II 3008-8i = 188 EUR IBM ServeRAID M1215 = 163 EUR Not completely sure if I am comparing apples with...
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    ESXi VT-d PCIe passthrough of a Intel X520 NIC

    Hello guys, I have my first board with VT-d support and I am experimenting with PCIe passthrough. While passing through several HBAs was really easy and worked out of the box, passing through my 10GBe NIC (Intel X520) seems to "work" (shown in the freenas shell) but I can't get it to connect...
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    Supermicro X9SCM-F Bios Password reset?

    Hey guys, I bought a X9SCM-F from eBay. Seller is not really responding fast... The board boots up and trys to boot pxe (nothing else) When trying to enter the bios a password is required. Cutting the powercord and removing the cmos battery for more than 60 minutes does not change anything...