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    ZFS Best Practices Questions

    So, I recently build a new zfs servers with 12x 12 sata drives in 2 x RAIDZ2 vdevs. The purpose of the server is for a dedicated cifs/smb filers and NFS mounts for both windows/linux machines. Currently the servers have a RMS-200 NVRAM Drive as zil and SYNC=ENABLED, but I am curious whether this...
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    Used Enterprise SSD Price skyrocket

    Does anyone notice the price of used enterprise SSD is about double to what it was in 2019 ?? I need to get 8 more 800Gb ssd to expand my array and was surprised at the current market prices. Is this caused by the same issue as the other computer part shortage ??
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    RJ45 Cable tester that can certified copper cable to 10Gbps

    Do you guys know of Copper cable tester that cost around $1K, and can test and certified CAT6 runs up to 10Gbps ? I dont mind a used equipment as long as it is in good condition and can certify ethernet runs up to 10Gbps.
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    FREENAS to sync or not to sync -- CIFS/SMB

    I am building a new freenas box to specifically serve file via CIFS/SMB to windows clients. The plan is to have 12x 12TB drives setup in 2x vdev of raid-z2 with 6 drive each. I figure I can grow the dataset by adding 6x 12TB drives and add another vdev to the zpool. (case is 24slot) My...
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    NVME Breakout PLX Switch PCI-E adapter

    Anyone familiar with this product PLX NVMe adapter card PCIe3.0 X16 to 8-port built-in 8643 interface to U.2 NVME | eBay I am curious if this is a cheaper alternative to the supermicro oculink AOC-SLG3-8E2P.
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    Supermicro bios power setting

    Usually when setting up new server especially in a DC, I would disable the power savings mode and enable maximum performance to squeeze every bit of performance from the server. Since this becomes a habit of mine, even for my "home dc" I've decided to do the same. Anyway about 2 weeks ago, in...
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    Need help with NVME namespaces

    Just now I read how single NVME can be split into multiple virtual drive by creating multiple namespaces. Apparently doing this in VSAN shows significant improvement of performance and I want to give it a try. I am looking at carving out multiple name spaces on my SM1725a nvme ssd, and so far I...
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    innodisk satadom power cable

    I am trying to find out if power cable is needed for innodisk branded satadom such as ML-3SE on a supermicro X10 motherboard with yellow sata port ?? I cannot find solid info online regarding this; what I do know if you get a supermicro branded superdom you can connect to the yellow sata port...
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    Supermicro Rear Fan Kit

    Has anyone tried installing these rear fan kit on a 4U supermicro case (846 or 743)?? Supermicro MCP-320-00046-0N Rear Fan Kit For SC747B, SC835X, and SC836BH Supermicro MCP-320-00047-0N Rear Fan Kit For SC745B, SC835X, and SC836BH I used PCI-E to U2 adapter and install a few U2 NVME and they...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI Twinax compatibility with Cisco Nexus 3064

    I am having some compatibility issue to get links up using both qsfp optics (cisco SR-BD) and third party cisco compatible QSFP twinax cable. Does anyone know what is guaranteed to work on this setup before I start buying other random QSFP twinax cables or optics?? My goal is to get ethernet...
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    Desktop case with fan walls

    Aside from the big 4u supermicro pedestal chassis, anyone here aware of any other more affordable options for a desktop chassis with a fan wall ? Thanks
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    Freenas error

    Recently I have been battling freenas error that would randomly show up in the logs. (pic attached) The drive have clean bill of smart health and short & extended test passed without any issue. I go as far as secure erasing all the drive and rebuilding the pool, which helps for a week or two...
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    Brocade ADX 1000 Software

    In my previous life I had to manage a few of these load balancer at work, and now they are cheap enough to get on ebay for me to play around for my home network and maybe put it to good use. Does anyone who worked with these in the past actually kept the latest software for the box?? The one I...
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    Understanding operating temperature of a device especially ones that are pci mounted.

    One of my file server is using adaptec 81605 hardware raid adapter. I havent paid much attention to the temperature of the card, but recently I noticed that it is idling at 80 degrees Celsius. I've done some research on their operating temperature and I came across this docs. The doc also refer...
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    X9DRi and NVME drives

    I am having some weird system behavior when deploying nvme on supermicro X9DRi-LN4F motherboard. Got a few U2 P3700 nvme from Ebay and for some reason I cannot get them all to work at the same time. All 4 drives are installed on a known working U2 to pci-e adapter that I pulled from an older...
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    LSI 9300-8i Freenas SCSI Error Logs

    Just finished setting up a new all flash raid array in a supermicro CSE-836 case with BPN-SAS2-836EL2 backplane and are having some weird issue. The SSD i am using is Lenovo OEM HUSSM1680 800gb variance. The logs are created whenever there's a heavy load on the array and I tried upgrading both...
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    Cheap desktop case that will fit supermicro E-ATX 12 x 13 motherboard

    I wanna convert one of my server for a workstation and curious if anyone know what case will fit a 12" x 13" motherboard and have enough height for a noctua coolers ? I am hoping to spent the least amount of $$ for this project and I found it very difficult to find motherboard compatibility...
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    supermicro 2x 2.5" drive bay for 836 chassis

    Supermicro | Products | Accessories | Drive Kits | MCP-220-82616-0N I am just curious if any of you that have this rear drive bay (located underneath the power supply) have any issue with cooling ?? If I used a full height 2.5" ssd drive, I am having some cooling issue where the ssd is throwing...
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    Supermicro Backplane and LED behavior

    I am curious if anyone here knows the different LED behavior on supermicro chassis and backplane. I have 2 supermicro 836 chassis both with BPN-SAS2-836EL2, one of them filled with toshiba sas nearline hard drives with Adaptec raid controller and the other are populated with HGST sas ssd with...
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    smartctl "device is NOT READY (e.g. spun down, busy)"

    Does anyone know what the above mean when running smartctl ? The SSD is running on an ubuntu machine and I cannot get it to open or read any of the partition. Is the drive dead ?? I tried rebooting the machine or even throwing it on another ubuntu machine with consistent result. I am going to...