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    S2D Recovery

    Having an issue getting my S2D healthy again. Had some drives taken offline on one of the nodes and seems after some time they would not come back online even though they were up again. I was on a 2019 preview build and figured that node was fubar anyway I rebuilt it. I have tried...
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    Success updating Firmware on SEAGATE ST4000NM0023?

    They came from a dell server/equal logic and I'm struggling to get Storage Spaces Direct working so my last ditch effort is to update the firmware. I downloaded the dell utility but I'm not running it in a dell server so it fails. I tried the cli utility but also failed, I found this blog...
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    Storage Spaces Direct Problem

    Been having trouble setting up storage spaces direct. I've got my LSI 2308 controller in IT mode and tried both the p20 and now p19 firmware I'm still getting an issue with eligible drives: Verify Node and Disk Configuration Description: Verify whether node and disk configuration is suitable...