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    What is the difference between 10GB SFP+ and 8GB SFP?

    Hello, I snapped a bunch of cisco transceivers and in the package were also some 8GB SFP. I know that the SFP+ modules are used in ethernet and the 8G SFPs are used in FC/SAN-Networks. Since I just wanted the other transceivers I have left the 8GB ones for three days just in box. Since they...
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    EU Lenovo RackSwitch G8264 4xQSFP 48xSFP+ 950€

    Hello, this switch should have a very good price currently on 950€ bidding. The switch is from the description only 7 months old and used in a datecenter for 1 month. IBM/Lenovo RackSwitch G8264 / OpenFlow (48x 10Gb SFP+ & 4x 40Gb QSFP) Good Luck