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    Anyone else getting phish PMs pointing to servethehome.FISHING SCAM DO NOT CLICK?
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    EU FS: SC825, X8DTU-F, E3C226D2I, X5650, i3-4160T, 12x4GB RAM, Supermicro spares

    All used but in good working condition. Free postage on everything but the Dell server and SC825 which is free local pickup/dropoff (Bristol) or £10 shipping. Open to sensible offers especially on multiples: Home lab clearout - pictures Generic Gigabit SX SFP transceiver tested working in a...
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    Supermicro x9dbu-iF b7 memory error

    Hi Guys, just thought I'd try a "hail Mary" over here with a board I've recently acquired. My previous AIO was running a X8DTU-F with a pair of X5650s when I saw a stonking deal on a X9DBU-iF which seemed like sound upgrade to make. I've fitted it with a pair of e5-2430s and moved the 12x 8GB...
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    EU Fixer-upper Arista DCS-7124S £200 obo

    Arista DCS-7124S-F Switch **Spares or Repairs** | eBay If anyone fancies a punt. Half-tempted myself - if anyone knows anything about this switches are whether reflashing it from its current locked-up state is possible please let me know!
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    VLANs, Bridges, Proxmox & pfSense issues

    I've been having fun reconfiguring my home network the past few days and have hit a few issues. The basic setup is: vlan1 - all trusted "client" traffic for the time being vlan10 - separate network for proxmox corosync/clustering vlan30 - traffic that needs to go...
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    SFP+ DAC showing as 1000base-CX (Aruba S2500, Brocade BR1020)

    Finally got my Brocade BR1020 up and running, connected it to my also-recently-acquired Aruba S2500 switch and it's not bringing up the interface. Show interface transceivers correctly reports the DAC vendor and model but for some reason it's showing as 1000BASE-CX. (ArubaS2500-24P) #show...
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    EU Aruba S2500 PoE 24G + 4x10G £150 obo

    Aruba S2500-24P 24 P Ethernet 10/100/1000 4 x10G PoE Mobility Access Switch | eBay This is the seller I got mine from a couple of months ago, took £120. By default the second pair of 10G ports are configured as stacking rather than uplink but it's trivial to change from the CLI. Mine shipped...
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    Please delete
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    EU HP V1910-24G-PoE 24pt 170W PoE switch, GBICs, SAS HBAs + more

    Great (web or console) managed PoE switch. Remarkably quiet, selling as I've gone 10GbE. No rack ears but HP parts are pretty easy to come by. Slight scuff on top plate. Upgraded to latest HPE firmware and reset to factory defaults. £110 ONO, collect from central Bristol or can deliver in...
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    NFS access denied on some hosts

    Fresh FreeBSD install as Proxmox VM à la STH AIO guide. Having some issues with by "Backups" NFS export: configured through GUI with "" as "authorized network", resulting in below showmount % showmount -e Exports list on localhost: /mnt/SATACAPACITY/VMSLOW
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    Recommend me a FreeNAS ZFS configuration

    Evening all, In the process of setting up an AIO to replace my odds and sods of consumer NASen and old servers. I've only got very limited knowledge of ZFS and what I do have is probably a few years behind the curve. Here's the hardware: Supermicro X8-DTU-F 2x X5650 (yes, newer processors are...
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    EU FS: Cases, Switches, Mobo, Misc hardware UK Cheap!

    Taking some older gear out of commission and having a clear out of the rack Intel D2550MUD mini itx Atom D2550 atom board + 4GB DDR3-800 RAM £50 X-Case D130 1.5U case. 250W PSU + 4x front-facing RJ-45 passthru + 1x rear RS-232 DB-9, lockable £30 WTI APS-8 Async Serial port switch (APS-8...
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    EU Supermicro X10DRX (11x PCIE)

    Mainboard Supermicro X10DRX bulk (MBD-X10DRX-B) | eBay Currently €20, I haven't a need for it but could form the core of a hell of a mining rig.
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    Ambient cooling strategy - Hot out or cold in?

    TLDR: want to cool smallish rack of kit with ambient air, air in room is hot in summer - better to bring colder air in from outside or get the hot air out? Having a bit of a tidy up of my meagre homelab and want to revise my cooling strategy slightly. Here is a list of the major heat-producing...
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    Critical ubiquiti remote root vuln

    As reported by Ubiquiti network gear can be 'hijacked by an evil URL' – thanks to its 20-year-old PHP build el reg. Seems pretty sensational on the face of it!
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    Facebook Backpack

    Announcing Backpack running Cumulus Linux — completing our networking portfolio with a modular platform - Cumulus Networks Blog - you call that a switch! 128 ports of 100G in 8RU running Cumulus, pretty insane bit of kit
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    Bloomin' 3rd-Party Amazon sellers

    Sending me HGST Ultrastars with invalid warranties and stymieing my efforts to replace failed disks in systems tucked away in darkest rural Wales before xmas. Amazon support were less than useless, too. Wish I hadn't had the foresight to check the S/N and I could have just installed it and...
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    Woke up to this yesterday morning. Smash-and-grab, they took an empty WD external hard drive box (ha!) and the Zyxel switch I got in the deal from this thread:£68-crazy-deal.11228 (it'd sat on my desk at work...
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    EU ZyXEL-XGS4528F 24x 1G/4x 10G switch £68 crazy deal

    ZyXEL XGS-4528F Switch 24-Port L3 10GbE + EM422 XFP Fiber Module - RRP £2042.36 24 dual-personality SFP/copper 1G 10G is 2x XFP and 2xCX4 ludicrous deal
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    IPMI & Integrated Graphics

    Morning all, got a bit of a sticky problem with some supermicro boards and graphics going on. We've got a X11SSZ-QF and a C7Z97-MF which are using in some animal imaging systems we're developing. When these systems were initially built out (including #1 which was based around a Asus board and...