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  1. nabsltd

    [WTB] HP Z620 side panel key

    OK, so this one is a little weird. I have inherited a lab full of these boxes, and can't get inside because the side panel comes with an integrated cylindrical key lock. According to various sources around the Internet, all these locks use the same key. As a matter of fact, every Z6xx is the...
  2. nabsltd

    HGST Helium 10TB SATA $110

    I bought one drive as a test to see what I would get. At the time, it was $99.99. What I got was exactly what was listed, with SMART data not wiped: Model Family: HGST Ultrastar He10 Device Model: HGST HUH721010ALN600 LU WWN Device Id: 5 000cca 251cfdca5 Firmware Version: LHGNT21D User...
  3. nabsltd

    How many corrected errors is too many?

    I bought 6x HUS726060AL5215 (6TB SAS3) and ran badblocks on them. Five of them had runs that looked very similar to this: # time badblocks -svw -b 4096 -c 131072 /dev/da1 Checking for bad blocks in read-write mode From block 0 to 1465130645 Pass completed, 0 bad blocks found. (0/0/0 errors)...
  4. nabsltd

    HGST Ultrastar He8 HUH728080AL5200 8TB 7200rpm SAS3 $55 or less

    I added this item to my eBay watch list, and got an offer of $55.24 for quantity 1, or about $6.90/TB. Only 5 available, but good for somebody who doesn't need a whole rack of disks.
  5. nabsltd

    Need M.2 heatsink recommendations

    I grabbed one of those cheap (less than US$10) double-sided M.2 heatsinks (like this one), and it works fine for motherboard slots and single M.2 PCIe cards (dropped max temp from 50°C to 45°C), but won't fit on most dual/quad M.2 PCIe cards, as they don't have enough room for the "walls" in...
  6. nabsltd

    Single M.2 socket in PCIe x4 card recommendation

    I have a Supermicro X9SRL-F with latest BIOS that supports bifurcation. This dual M.2 card works great in an x8 slot and can be seen by any OS I have tested that supports NVMe. On the other hand, this single M.2 card causes TrueNAS to fail to boot (in very weird ways, and never at the same...
  7. nabsltd

    LSI 9341-4i doesn't see any drives

    I'm having terrible luck with my TrueNAS test box and HBAs. I have a few in the drawer that I pulled from working machines. The first card I tried was a 9361-4i (not the best for TrueNAS, but it's just a test setup), and it appears to be completely dead, as it won't post in any of 3 different...
  8. nabsltd

    Suggestions for block storage platform

    I've used my "roll your own" system for providing block storage to ESXi hosts using the iSCSI target daemon on CentOS for about 8 years now, but I'm looking to roll out a new physical box and would like some advice on alternatives. Where this system lets me down is: There is no good storage...
  9. nabsltd

    Samsung 980 Pro NVME power on hours not accurate

    Although this isn't really a server-y issue, I thought I'd ask here because I'm more likely to get an answer. I have a Samsung 980 Pro (with heatsink) that does not seem to accurately report power on hours. I've been logged in to Windows for a week or so now, and the power on hours report as...
  10. nabsltd

    [SOLVED] X9SRL-F weirdness...broken, or some config issue?

    I bought a used X9SRL-F (listed as "seller refurbished"), and I'm getting pretty much no response out of it. The BMC light blinks like it should, and the board powers on (and activates the VGA output, as my monitor sees a signal), but I get nothing beeps, nothing on the display, etc...
  11. nabsltd

    Cannot enter BIOS setup on X11SRA

    I've already opened a case with Supermicro, but maybe somebody here has an idea. MB revision: 1.02 (read that older can't handle W-2275 without VRM upgrade) CPU: W-2275 SRGSP RAM: 4x16GB registered ECC (MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-3G2E1), and also tried with just one stick The X11SRA shipped with BIOS...
  12. nabsltd

    Intel server case with 8 hot swap 3.5" bays for $200 with free US shipping

    Server Part Deals is selling Intel P4308XXMHGC server cases for $200 via Newegg. The 8 hot swap bay unit has 2 SFF-8087 connectors with no expander (each drive gets one SAS lane). The case can be racked, but does not come with a rail kit. The Service Guide has instructions to basically turn the...