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    Proxmox ve with Glusterfs step by step note

    I was between cephfs and glusterfs... however the more I research glusterfs for bulk storage, the more I like it. I am considering setting up glusterfs on my Proxmox cluster and using an arbiter. Do you have any experience with arbiters in glusterfs? How stable has your build been?
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    new epyc proxmox build with samba4 dc

    I do not follow what you are stating... Xeon Silver does not provide NUMA?
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    new epyc proxmox build with samba4 dc

    Why Epyc instead of Xeon Silver or Gold?
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    Server Cable Management (SM and others)

    Is the preferred method for cable management still lacing bars with zip ties?
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    Taking the plunge with Google Project Fi - My Experiences from a 15+ year AT&T Customer

    I currently have T-Mobile as my cellular provider. I am interested in transitioning to Project Fi, however have a few questions: 1. How does the phone switch between T-mobile, Spring & US Cellular - is it seamless or does it require an intervention, e.g. reboot? 2. Is phone hotspot usage...
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    High Endurance M.2 (SATA not NVMe) SSD?

    What will this drive be used for?
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    can I switch from IR->IT firmware with ZFS on Linux? [ANSWER=YES]

    I did this in the past.... didn't realize it would possibly be a problem. It worked out okay to my knowledge.
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    Managing multiple UniFi sites

    I have used the ssh-inform command with good results. I host my parents and siblings unifi products on my homelab unifi controller. I would definitely consider using a VPS in the cloud if this is for production.
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    PVE Cluster using UNAS 810A

    Did you passthrough a NIC for pfSense on Proxmox? I tried not using a dedicated NIC for pfSense WAN, but it kept killing my cluster (corosync).
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    Ceph SSD Recommendations

    I know the Intel models, i.e. dc s3500 & dc s3700, what are the Samsung models to watch? Anyone see decent deals on eBay? Historically, I have purchased drives when marked on the good deals section of this thread, but so few in the past few months. Do you run the Micron drive in a ceph pool...
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    Ceph SSD Recommendations

    Hey gang, I am looking at acquiring another round of 3 SSDs for my 3-node PVE+ceph environment. I am struggling to find any information recommended this or that SSD excluding Intel dc S3700, which are difficult to come by at this time for a fair price on eBay. I had a trio of Samsung 840 Pro...
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    EU WTB: Supermicro A1SRi-2758F

    Are you still in the market? => nvm. Missed EU.
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    STH Aeon Mining Pool Beta Access

    Please send me an invite. I will use Docker on top of Win10. Thanks!
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    EthOS install

    Possible this may help: ethOS Mining OS
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    RAM Check on Xeon Silver Build

    Thank you dude! I had originally ordered the Supermicro heat sink, but it came with a broken clip on the plastic. Went to RMA it with Newegg and it was out of stock. Multiple searches showed zero stock, but thankfully I eventually found the Supermicro online store had it in stock. Good to...
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    RAM Check on Xeon Silver Build

    Any recommendations on heat sinks? Thanks!
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    RAM Check on Xeon Silver Build

    Switching to Ubiquiti? Unifi or Edge line?
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    RAM Check on Xeon Silver Build

    Great advice! Was not aware of the information you provided. Placed the order this AM for the 4110. Thank you!
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    RAM Check on Xeon Silver Build

    How is the machine performing? I am about to build a very similar setup.... Intel 2.6GHz Xeon Silver 4112 4-Core S3647 Supermicro Motherboard ATX for Single Xeon Scalable Family Socket-3647 Supermicro...
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    Samsung/Lenovo PM853T - Like New - Ebay

    Is there any concern or need to knows regarding these being rebranded Lenovo? I have been needing 4 800+ GB SSDs to use in a raid10 setup for VMs. It appears that these would do fine. Any thoughts?