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    Breakout-cable Friendly NICs for NIC to NIC DAC'ing?

    Mellanox's 4-to-1 breakout cables are for making a single switch port into 4 switch ports, but I'd rather breakout a single QSFP28 NIC port into 4 SFP28 that I can then directly attach to SFP28 NIC ports from separate server. Seems like the CX4 cards won't work with this, which is a shame...
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    Do Mini-PCI to m2 or pcie adapters exist?

    My question feels like a dummy check, as I thought this kind of adapter should obviously exist . . . I need an adapter that will allow me to use a mini-pci card in a "modern" motherboard (one with an m.2 slot / pcie slots). The manufacturer of the card (Audinate, and the card is their Brooklyn...