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    6TB Seagate Exos SAS - $46

    ESISO has 6TB Seagate Exos (ST6000NM0095) SAS drives available for $46. Taking offers. Also available from Vibrant for $47 listed. Taking offers. Vibrant accepted my offer of $42 ea for 4 drives.
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    EXPIRED Seagate Exos X14 12 TB - $50

    Seagate Exos X14 12 TB Hard Drive - 3.5" Internal - SAS ST12000NM0038 $50 5 available Supposedly brand new. Seller has mixed reviews, so this could be either a great deal (price mistake) or an exercise of invoking eBay buyer protection. Either way, I would...
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    AsRock Rack EPYCD8-2T AMD EPYC Motherboard - $367

    AsRock Rack EPYCD8-2T ATX Server Motherboard AMD EPYC 7002/7001 (Naples/Rome) Se 4717677337068 | eBay US $367 Condition: New Newegg Link: AsRock Rack EPYCD8-2T ATX Server Motherboard AMD - Link to the STH writeup...
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    [FS] Supermicro X10DRH-CT - Dual E5-26xx v3/v4 Motherboard - SOLD

    Selling a Supermicro X10DRH-CT motherboard after upgrading my virtualization host. It's the top-of-the-line model supporting dual E5-26xx v3/v4 CPUs with 16 DIMM slots, onboard 2x10GbE, SAS3 HBA, and IPMI. Ships with I/O backplate. SOLD Asking 250 USD (PayPal invoice) with free shipping to...
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    EXPIRED Intel Xeon E5-2699V4 2.20GHz Processor SR2JS - $108

    Top of the line Broadwell Intel Xeon E5-2699V4 for $108 (free shipping to US). Taking offers, but I bet this will sell out quickly at asking price. 10 available as of time of posting. eBay [US]: Intel Xeon E5-2699V4 2.20GHz Processor SR2JS | eBay Looks like a great deal, but let me know if I...
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    GPU in x8 slot on X10DRH-CT

    I have been trying to get a P2200 working in one of the x8 slots on the X10DRH-CT motherboard. The fan is spinning, and the PCIe link is detected in the BIOS, but once booted lspci doesn't list the device, and dmidecode says the slot is not in use. I tried a Quadro 600 that is exhibiting the...