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  1. yu130960

    Moving drives from onboard to 9211-8i.

    Looked and couldn't find an answer. If I shut down my host and move all the local data stores to a 9211-8i, will all the drives be recognized and the inventory of VMs which are located on the local datastores work? In other words, are the drives (onboard) identified based on drives or paths?
  2. yu130960

    Power Consumption SM X8DTH-IF L5639 --> X10SRL-F E526xx v3?

    Am in the process of contemplating upgrading my server to cut down the power bill? I've got 24 spinners spread over 2 ZFS Raidz2 pools , so I am pretty sure that the 400 watts that I am currently drawing has a lot to do with them. Question that I am wrestling with is how much power savings am...
  3. yu130960

    Recommended procedure for flashing 3x9211-8i on ESXi 6.0 passthrough

    I have 3 x M1015 IBM cards which were crossflashed to 9211-8i (IT) P17 with bios. I am not exactly sure I need to upgrade, but thought it may be time to do it as I haven't flashed the cards since 2014 and am not sure whether the latest OMNIOS driver is relying on a certain level of firmware...
  4. yu130960

    napp-it: Time Machine over SMB

    Saw this article and was wondering if Timemachine is working over an SMB share on napp-it. My OS OmniOS Current stable release r151020
  5. yu130960

    napp-it feature request : Pushover Notifications

    Has anyone ever got Pushover to work with napp-it? It would be a great feature. Pushover: Frequently Asked Questions
  6. yu130960

    [newegg] Intel 730 Series SSDSC2BP480G4R5 2.5" 480GB SATA $199

    Intel 730 Series SSDSC2BP480G4R5 2.5" 480GB SATA 6Gb/s MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - Here is a review if interested
  7. yu130960

    Interpreting iostat

    I am getting slowdowns on my pool named stripper. Specifically, it has an NFS datastore for my AIO Esxi and the vm's on that datastore are taking a long time to boot and are just generally sluggish. My OmniOS/napp-it vm appliance is showing high CPU usage and there is no scrub job or anything...
  8. yu130960

    Recommended 10gbe host to host (ESXi) setup

    I have done as much reading as I can and am looking for a current recommendation on all the parts that I need to hook up two ESXi hosts (directly without the need for a 10gbe switch). I am looking at these Intel 10gbe cards but for a short connection (1 to 3 feet) between hosts I am totally...
  9. yu130960

    ZFS Pool Upgrade

    I am using an ESX(i) AIO with the latest appliance posted by Gea napp-it-14b Everything is working fine but I noticed on my older pools that I have imported into the new appliance I am getting the following messages: pool: tank state: ONLINE status: Some supported features are not enabled on...
  10. yu130960

    Upgrading Esxi 5.5.0 straight to the latest build?

    Just looked up the available patches for 5.5.0 and was wondering if I can skip the 5.5.0u1 patch and go straight to the latest patch to include the NFS fix and all other fixes. Just want to avoid a step. I know the patches are cumulative but it is still unclear to me whether I need to go to u1...
  11. yu130960

    ESXi 5.5, OmniOS Stable and Napp-it - vmxnet3 and jumbo frames

    [copied from post #13] 1. download and deploy it 2. (optional) log in with putty and update to OmniOS to r151012 /usr/bin/pkg unset-publisher omnios /usr/bin/pkg set-publisher -P -g omnios /usr/bin/pkg update...
  12. yu130960

    Removing ghost AFP shares

    I was trying to set up a timecapsule and ran into some problems. I deleted the ZFS filesystem a few times to try and start over, and now when I reboot it keeps giving me errors trying to start up the shares. Can someone give me a tip on how to wipe out the old AFP shares on ZFS file systems...
  13. yu130960

    LSI Internal SATA/SAS 9201-8i 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 RAID Controller Card $75.xx Edit: I have a 9201-8i from a different source. They are the same as a 9211-8i (for purposes of driver, firmware etc.) without the NVRAM...
  14. yu130960

    WTT: Low Profile m1015 LSI 9211 bracket for Full Height Bracket

    As set out above, let me know if anyone has a full height bracket to trade for a low profile OEM IBM m1015 bracket. I even have a LSI 9200-8e low profile bracket if that interests anyone.
  15. yu130960

    556-based PWM generator (Fan Controller) with splitting cable

    I built a couple of fan controllers based on the these schematics and ordered the appropriate PWM fan splitting cable to do 5 fans. I ordered 2 and made two controllers for my 2 SC846 cases, but I only need the one set. 1 x Akasa Flexa FP5S5-Way Splitter - Smart Fan Cable w/ SATA Power...
  16. yu130960

    ESXi 5.5 - Maximum Number of Passthrough Devices >4?

    ESXi 5.5 - Maximum Number of Passthrough Devices >5 per VM CONFIRMED: I have passed-through the following 5 HBA (including a 9201-16e) 3 x m1015 (crossflashed to 9211-8i (IT) 1 x 9200-8e 1 x 9201-16e _________________ I currently have the following setup Supermicro X8DTH-iF Dual...