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    4X - SM GPU SERVERS --> Priced to Sell

    *&$%, I need my click back.
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    FS: QuantaMesh 40 x 100GbE Xeon D-1548 1U Switch

    That could increase my downloading of porn 10 fold :D
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    [WTS] Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN200 7.68TB (SOLD)

    or 1/6 the power of a 1982 60w light bulb.
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    FS: 10TB Ultrastar DC HC510 x 7 (Los Angeles) (SOLD)

    I wish I was local. Maybe I can find a middle man that would handle shipping :D
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    FS: AMD Epyc 7001/7002 stuff & SAS/DAC Cables

    If they have been running any of the BIONC projects, that is more than good enough stress testing.
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Fits in a Mountain Mods case just fine :D
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Intel S2600IP4 motherboard. Working pull from an upgraded proxmox server. Also has the second HBA module so it supports 16 SAS/SATA drives. Just cover shipping from 80026.
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    NVMe on Intel S2600CP

    It is definitely looking like the S2600IP4 does not support PCIe bifurcation. I guess I might need to upgrade to a SM X9 board that does. Maybe this is another example of why Intel should not be in the MB business :D
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    NVMe on Intel S2600CP

    OK, I loaded the latest BIOS for it 02.06.007. After loading the defaults and going through every option to reset previous values, I am not seeing anywhere to break apart PCIe root ports into logical units like x4/x4/x4/x4 for a x16 slot. I know SM calls this IIO, but with this intel board...
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    FS: US-AL 2U Server Chassis & Other Components

    I sent in payment for an item on 3/26 and have yet to receive it. I will hold my breath a bit longer....
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    NVMe on Intel S2600CP

    I got a S2600IP4 board E5-2680V2 cpus installed. I would like to add a quad NVME card to it. It is currently running BIOS 02.06.0005. I am not seeing anywhere in the BIOS that you can set the PCIe configuration for splitting up a 16x into (4) 4x config. I see that the latest BIOS is...
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    (US) F/S: NVidia Quadro M6000 24GB Card -- SOLD

    I totally suggest proxmox as things just work with it. At least for me, everything with ESXi was a battle that I often lost.
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    (US) F/S: NVidia Quadro M6000 24GB Card -- SOLD

    NVidia finailly pulled their head out of their *** a little. Google vgpu_unlock. A good number of consumer grade GPUs can be virtualized and shared across multiple VMs.
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    (US) F/S: NVidia Quadro M6000 24GB Card -- SOLD

    I have a used, but in excellent condition Nvidia Quadro M6000 24GB card for sale. I used it for a project to learn and play around with vGPUs. I need to free it up for the next project. I would like to get $400/OBO shipped with in the USA. I would also consider trade for a RTX 2070 or...
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    FS/FT - SFBayZFS's 2020-2021 home storage lab liquidation

    I am interested in several items here also.
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    US - STH Perpetual Freebies Thread

    (US) DDR3-1333 Reg/ECC DIMMs (4) 4GB (5) 2GB Ships from 80026 Just claimed.