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  1. GCM

    ConnectX-3 drivers

    Just before I give up on this card, does anyone know if ConnectX-3 (Ethernet) drivers are available in OmniOS? Googling didn't really bring up much.
  2. GCM

    OmniOS rebooting at setup

    So as some of you have saw, I received new storage hardware. I wanted to play around with Omni & Napp-it, but I'm having tremendous issues even getting Omni installed. I was lead to believe my reboot issue was caused by USB3.0 on the board, but I've made sure every single USB3.0 feature/BIOS...
  3. GCM

    New video storage build

    It's finally here! Controller + JBOD (no onsite HA, replicating offsite) Some random stats: 256GB RAM, Dual E5, 42 * 8TB drives.
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    Alternative to Slingbox?

    We've got six slingboxes in the office for remote users to watch TV on (it's for site content). They run super hot, fail yearly, and generally are pretty shit. Are there any good options out there for streaming live TV?
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    So a bomb went off outside my building...

    Kinda hard to see, but that "roped off" area was the detonation.
  6. GCM

    Is napp-it stable enough for production?

    Looking at a ZFS setup for a client, and I'm considering going down the napp-it route. Is anyone here using it in production for a small office?
  7. GCM

    EX2300-24p Pricing

    Has anyone received any official quotes for these new Juniper switches? The prices seem to be all over the place.
  8. GCM

    pfSense behind another router?

    Has anyone set up pfSense behind another router? I'm looking to utilize pfSense as a DNS server only (for now). However, I seem to be running into a brick wall when trying to get it to do so. For now what I've done: Disabled the WAN interface Enabled the LAN interface Set up the DNS resolver...
  9. GCM

    Issue installation Samba - Ubuntu 14.04

    I followed the wiki exactly, and every time I try to test the new install I get the following: smbclient -L localhost -U% Connection to localhost failed (Error NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_REFUSED) I've confirmed that samba is running, and have confirmed that there are no iptables rules blocking...
  10. GCM

    x264 & Dual CPU

    So, Like many, I'm a new owner of a dual E5-2670. However, I'm hitting a brick wall with x264 encoding. I stream with a program called OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) On paper, the E5-2670 x2 should easily handle the "slow" preset for encoding, however encoding falls over at anything less...
  11. GCM

    Unable to install W8 on Dual CPU Tyan board

    Hey guys, just figured I'd post this here in hopes someone had some advice. CPU: E5-2670 MOBO: Tyan S7050 ERROR: Hard to see, as I can't get it to NOT restart, but the BSOD looks like ACPI_BIOS_ERORR. Tried resetting CMOS, BIOS options to default, did a memory test and it came back clean.
  12. GCM

    Building infrastructure from zero.

    So, I'm building out some new server infrastructure for one of my clients. They pretty much have nothing, and had all 220ish users on Dropbox or Google Drive... The engineering team will be sharing the rack space once they move into the office come December. Here is what I came up with...
  13. GCM

    KVM Issuse

    So, Having an issue with KVM on Ubuntu 14.04 that is driving me insane. This is a new box, so I will go through what I did: - Set up bonded NIC's. Failover, 1 active at a time - Set up a bridge on top of that bond. - Installed KVM on Ubuntu - Installed virt-manager on Ubuntu -...
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    Any good recommendations on a 8 port minimum SFP+ switch?

    I do not need routing on it. Been looking at the Microtik series at the moment, but open to anything.
  15. GCM

    Racks - Tristate Area

    APW Wright Line Server Rack Cabinet - EXC! Looks like a pretty good rack for the price!
  16. GCM

    Building a new FreeNAS box, thoughts/feedback?

    Nothing purchased yet, this is all in the planning phase: So, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Here is the plan: Chassis/barebones: SYS-6018R-TD8 HD: 8x UltraStar 7K4000 SSD: 2x 240GB (1 write cache 1 read cache) RAM: 64 GB CPU: E5-2603V3 Thoughts?
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    Total bias here ;) Would love to see some performance numbers with the new Xeon D's utilized in an open stack environment. I'd be open to contributing numbers when I am completed with my build.
  18. GCM

    OpenStack Diary / Build Log

    Hi All, I am going to use this thread as a diary / build log for my OpenStack deployment. I'm currently in the research and planning phase, barely breaking into the purchasing phase. Here are some assumptions: - I will be separating compute, controller, and network nodes. - I will be...