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    Supermicro putting IPMI/BMC and BIOS downloads behind logins?

    I was checking today the downloads for the threadripper pro mainboard and wanted to see the current ipmi firmware version and had to register (or use fake contact information) to get to the download which only had the bios zip file... Does anybody know when sm added this 'feature'?
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    "Outdated" Buyers Guides

    I think the buyers guides (not just the boot devices for truenas) need updates. The last updates were made ~3 years ago and since then we had a pandemic with component shortages, "new" systems with a lot more pcie lanes (thanks to amd :D) and chia mining (bad for used hdds/ssds from ebay?) I...
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    AMD Genoa

    Some german it news sites[1,2] are reporting that information about the 4th gen epyc cpus has leaked. They quote this twitter post: The genoa cpus will support - up to 96 cores per cpu - 12 channdel ddr5-5200 - 128 pcie 5.0 lanes (up to 160 in 2p configurations) - up to 320watt tdp (some...
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    Mellanox NICs

    i386 submitted a new resource: Mellanox NICs - Mellanox Nics, specs and OEM variants Read more about this resource...
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    Vmware changes ESXi license because of AMD Epyc and Intel CPUs with more than 32 cores

    Starting from May 1st 2020 you will need an additional ESXi license with 32+ cores: Update to VMware’s per-CPU Pricing Model
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    Intel stops development of Omni-Path gen 2

    According to the german news site Heise and their source CRN Intel stopped development of omnipath gen 2. Omnipath 1 will be supported and sold only when customers ask for it. Source (german only): (Intel stoppt zweite Generation des schnellen InterConnect Omni-Path CRN: Intel Kills 2nd-Gen...
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    EU Mellanox EDR/100GBE Single Port NICs 169€ or BO

    This are HPE branded Mellanox MCX455A-ECAT with the standard/full profile bracket Specs: VPI EDR 100GBE PCIE 3.0 x16 Single Port SP HPE InfiniBand EDR/Ethernet 100Gb 1-port 840QSFP28 Adapter 825110-B21 | eBay HPE pn: 825110-B21 Mellanox pn: MCX455A-ECAT Product brief...
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    Intel bids 6bn $ for Mellanox

    According to german it news site Golem and their source Intel bids 6billion $ for Mellanox. Sources: Intel Among Bidders for Chipmaker Mellanox - CTech Rechenzentren: Intel bietet wohl 6 Milliarden Dollar für Mellanox - (German) I'm wondering what will happen if Mellanox accepts the...
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    Mellanox store selling now brackets

    I checked the mellanox store today for some cables and saw that they are selling now brackets for their infiniband/ethernet cards. Mellanox Infiniband and Ethernet Adapter / Network Interface Card Brackets. There are even brackets for the end-of-life connect-x 2 adapters.
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    How loud are switches (and 1u servers) in soundproofed enclosures?

    I'm planning a 40gbe (maybe infiniband) network for my homelab. I don't have a dedicated server room and from what I read the 40gbe switches are very loud (Mellanox list some of it's ethernet switches with 70dba). In different threads on sth people posted about soundproofed enclosures like the...
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    Best SSDs for Maxcache/Cachecade?

    I want to ugrade my fileserver (currently using the Adaptec 6805 raid controller with 6x 6tb in raid 6 + 2 hot spare drives) in the next months and I came across hardware raid caching technologies like Adaptecs MaxCache and LSIs CacheCade while researching. Now I'm wondering what ssds would be...