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  1. bob_dvb

    UK Intel 670P 1TB SSD £54.16 for Amazon Prime Day

    Ah, the price for 1TB has gone up to £86.47, I failed to order in time and now I am regretting that!
  2. bob_dvb

    UK Intel 670P 1TB SSD £54.16 for Amazon Prime Day A...
  3. bob_dvb

    EMC KNX-STL3 - Only two drives showing

    Okay, I am really starting to get peeved now. So I bought an LSI 9285cv-8e to see if that works, and changing one of the interposers it then showed one of the SATA drives. But because the 9285 doesn't have an IT mode and I didn't have the time to reflash it, I bought a 9207-8e which claims to...
  4. bob_dvb

    PCIE 3 x8 adapter for OCP 2.0 cards - $18

    I bought adapters to do this from Taobao and sold them on here a while back. I don't think I have anymore because I sold what I had when I got rid of my dual Xeon-D Akamai board. The process of ordering from Taobao was really complicated, involving a forwarding agent because it's a Chinese only...
  5. bob_dvb

    EU FS: OCP to PCIe adapters

    The ones I bought were OCP to PCIe to breakout an OCP motherboard connector to a PCI-e slot. I got them on Taobao, but the ordering process was painful.
  6. bob_dvb

    EMC KNX-STL3 - Only two drives showing

    Last night I checked and swapped one of the 2TB Constellation drives for a Seagate Ironwolf, new out of the box, and the caddy/interposer was still orange and blue light flashing occasionally. Reading the installation manual it seems that indicates "fault, drive spinning" but that's all I've...
  7. bob_dvb

    EMC KNX-STL3 - Only two drives showing

    Hi, I've got my hands on an EMC KNX-STL3 and aside from a UPS shipping issue with the first unit (DOA) the current unit is starting up fine. It came with one Samsung 200GB SAS SSD, two Toshiba SAS 15k 2.5in 600GB disks and 12*2TB HGST(?) disks. I have it connected to an Adaptec ASR-71605...
  8. bob_dvb

    EU [WTB] motherboard for Epyc Rome

    I've bought some Epyc gear from Chinese sellers and have had a fair experience, so I can make recommendations if you like.
  9. bob_dvb

    Dropped EMC KTN-STL3 array
  10. bob_dvb

    Dropped EMC KTN-STL3 array

    I bought a used EMC STL3 array last weekend, the array was sent by the seller via UPS and well, it arrived bruised. It's been dropped at some point and the packaging didn't save it (it looks like the top foam was missed so it slid out and bashed against the inside of the box). The case is...
  11. bob_dvb

    Is it possible to use SSH keys to login to a serial console?

    I am not sure how it would work, but you could use something like the authentication used for PPP connections. Possibly EAP-TLS? But while traditional CHAP and PAP can be separated from the IP stack, I am not sure if EAP-TLS can be? Perhaps a PAM module which authenticates the TLS?
  12. bob_dvb

    H11SSL-i with Threadripper

    I removed the filter that was applied, which might have been confusing. It's basically two pairs of columns, the SP3 and the TR4, with the Pin designators the same and the Pin name applied. I've then selectively coloured the cells so that you can see what matches, what almost matches and what...
  13. bob_dvb

    H11SSL-i with Threadripper

    Just to document what I did somewhere public, rather than losing it, nothing special but for history it might save someone some time. There's a Google spreadsheet here: Then I added conditional highlighting and...
  14. bob_dvb

    4-port 2.5Gbe PCI-E card?

    A kinda nasty option? There are PCIe risers from the GPU wars which support at least 4 outputs on one slot, you could use one of those with 2 or 4 network cards. There are also PCIe to 4x M.2 sockets and then find a 2.5G card in M.2 form factor (subject to your Motherboard allowing...
  15. bob_dvb

    UK [WTB] 128GB DDR4 2666 Registered ECC 288-pin

    Title says it all really, looking for a total of 128GB (so either 8x16GB or 4x32GB), aiming for 2Rx8, Micron preferably as the H11SSL-i recommends that.
  16. bob_dvb

    H11SSL-i with Threadripper

    The seller allowed me to cancel my order and I bought a 7532 instead, fast enough and more cache.
  17. bob_dvb

    H11SSL-i with Threadripper

    I found a website where they had done a comparison of the pinout from the perspective of SP3 vs TR4 and it's largely exactly the same. Some TR4 pins are RSVD which means reserved and IMHO they might not be an immediate blocker (there's just a risk that those pins are floating not grounded and...
  18. bob_dvb

    H11SSL-i with Threadripper

    Thanks for the comments, I've taken a leap and bought a 2990WX, bold move but I figure if it doesn't work I'll resell it and cut my losses while learning something. Bob Actually I might have messed up, they talked about TR but then used an Epyc. Well, let's see what happens.
  19. bob_dvb

    H11SSL-i with Threadripper

    I currently have a Supermicro H11SSL-i with an Epyc 7401P doing virtualisation and I'd like more headroom for the Windows VM that's running on it. Today I saw LTT demonstrating using a Threadripper on an ASrock Epyc motherboard successfully and I wondered if I might be able to do the same with...
  20. bob_dvb

    UniFi Flex Switch is In Stock!

    I have a location where I have an unmanaged Ubiquiti outdoor 24V PoE switch (can't remember which one, doesn't matter) and it's been good for the wireless stuff I've been doing outside. I'm intending to add some cameras, so I may swap it for a managed POE+ one like this if I can get one (it's...